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Color wheel
Cool colors
Warm colors
Primary Colors
 The basic colors from which all colors are mixed; red,
yellow & blue. No other colors can be mixed to make
primary colors.
Secondary Colors
A color created by mixing two primary colors together
in equal parts: green, violet & orange.
Intermediate (tertiary) Colors
 A color mixed from a primary and secondary color.
Totem Poles in the Pacific NW
 Totem poles are an ancient tradition of the Indian
tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast--Washington
state in the USA, British Columbia in Canada--and
some tribes of southern Alaska.
 Today, both short and tall totem poles are still made by
Northwestern and Alaskan Indian artists, and they can
be purchased--for a price. This is probably the single
most expensive native art form there is, given the cost
of a full-grown cedar tree and the amount of handcarving and painting required to turn it into a totem
 The meanings of the designs are varied: recount
familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events.
Some poles celebrate cultural beliefs, but others are
mostly artistic presentations.
 The vertical order of images is widely believed to be a
significant representation of importance. This idea is
so pervasive that it has entered into common parlance
with the phrase "low man on the totem pole."
Examples of Totem Poles
 Their upturned tails are a symbol of wealth. Creative,
artistic and determined creature who can construct
fine arrows . Beavers are also vengeful creatures who
hate humans. Never say anything bad about the
 Intelligence, leadership. Wolves are able to heal
human sickness but this healing is costly so they
generally avoid human contact.
 Bears must not be insulted or cursed. Similar in
appearance to wolves but with large nostrils and paws,
sharp fangs, high forehead and frequently a protruding
tongue. Ferocity, strength, humility, motherhood,
 Aristocratic lord of the Sky Realm, the eagle is a
common clan symbol. Great strength, courage
leadership and prestige. Signifies peace and
friendship. Eagle Feathers are considered good luck to
both giver and receiver.
 Spiritual attributes knowledge and a bringer of light. According
to lore, the raven stole the light from an old chief when the world
was dark, therefore it is frequently shown holding an orb in its
large, protruding beak. An important symbol, the raven common
in totem pole carvings. The raven can transform into other
forms, is a trickster, always hungry, curious, devious, and
corrupt. It always gets into trouble but because it is so likeable it
can easily get out of trouble. The raven is easily identified by a
straight beak.
 Totem pole carvings tell the stories of the people who
own the totem pole. Individuals can be family
members, chiefs, wives, children, etc. People play a
primary part in totem pole stories and creation. Totem
poles tell the life stories and history of the people who
own the poles.
Sun or Sun God:
 Spiritual attributes include healing energy. The Sun
God is considered to be the guardian of the Earth by
day and is portrayed is portrayed as a big circle with
rays emanating form a face with a big hooked nose.
 Spiritual attributes include spring, new life,
communicator and stability. The frog is a
misunderstood and underestimated creature but also a
symbol of wealth. Never insult a frog.
Whale or Orca:
 Spiritual attributes include goodness and having the
ability to share the wisdom of the ages. Whales are
rulers of the Underwater Realm where they live with
other noble supernatural beings. Some whales can
turn into wolves and walk on land.
Octopus or Devilfish:
 Feared for its ability to grab people and drag them
underwater. Attributes include bird like head, hooked
beak, suction plates and tentacles.
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