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Cold Weather Plan
Dee Cotgrove , Exec Head Comms, Met Office
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Cold Weather Alert
• Alerts issued when:
• the weather could increase the health risks to
vulnerable patients and / or disrupt the delivery of
• Alerts based on either:
• Cold weather temperature threshold
• Risk of widespread ice and / or heavy snow
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2012/13 Cold Weather Plan
Distribution of Cold Weather
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Age UK
Age UK
Joint PR
Integrate information
about the alerts into
Spread the Warmth
campaign materials
guest blogs
Information &
advice line
Display joint
branded posters
Distribute alerts to
Local Age UKs
Public and
professional websites
Local Age UKs
Local case studies
Local PR
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social media
Localised social media messages
Winter 2011/12
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Cold Weather Alerts Issued
Cold weather temperature
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Does your organisation forward the Cold
Weather Alerts to front line staff and other
Source: HPA - Evaluation Report - Cold Weather Plan for England 2011-12
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How helpful was the CWP in aiding your
actions during the Level 3 when it was
activated last winter?
Source: HPA - Evaluation Report - Cold Weather Plan for England 2011-12
Press releases
Web page 1,722,888 views
This page links to Age UK website
PR and social media analysis
Reach of media
Not including the
number of views
our press
releases had on
the website
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Questions & answers
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Cold Weather Plan - role of
the Met Office
• Provide meteorological input and other appropriate
assistance to DH for development of Cold Weather
• Monitor weather conditions and issue Cold Weather
Alerts as required, to agreed recipients, from
November 1st – March 31st
• Work with BBC and others to ensure consistent
media messaging and provide support for press
releases, interviews and briefings.
• Met Office Public Weather Service Advisors engage
with Cat 1 responders in the event of a cold weather
event to ensure they are fully briefed and are clear
on actions to take.
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Communications evaluation
What worked well?
• Coordinated approach was very successful in getting messages out
quickly in the event of an alert being issued
• The campaign received some high profile media coverage
• Message penetration in media coverage was excellent
• Good volume of localised coverage reported back to us by Age UK
• Lots of discussion about the alerts taking place on Facebook and
What didn’t work so well?
• The timings of the alerts made it difficult for Age UK to respond in time
to get radio adverts out (unfortunately this couldn’t be rectified)
• Risk of Cold Weather Alert fatigue – alerts were thought to be too
• Messages needed refining – too many messages on the joint branded
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