The Far North Culture: The Arctic and Subarctic

The Far North Culture:
The Arctic
The Subarctic
Much of the environment of the Subarctic and
Arctic Native Cultures are located throughout
Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Siberia. This
land was varied with the environment similar to
the lower cultures like Northwest Coast and
Plains to extremely difficult environments
extending to the Arctic circle. All of which made
these cultures develop in very distinct ways.
Less extreme
Environments of
Subarctic tribes:
The Haida, Cree,
Blackfeet are some
of the tribes in the
Inuit children, their clothes, and their environment
Boots made from different animals
Clothing and family life of the Far North.
Being mostly nomadic, families worked together
in most ways. Life was very communal because
of the extreme environmental conditions
Animals hunted by the Far North
Polar Bear
Musk ox
Herding and hunting Caribou
Inuit hunting for seal
Bowhead whale:
Whale fat was used
for food, fuel, and
cover their skin like
Whale bone used for
tools, weapons, and art
Homes of the Subarctic and Arctic:
Sod house of the Subarctic Native
Inside of the Sod house of the
Family near their pit house
Igloos were short term
and long term temporary
homes. These
were made
out of ice /snow
blocks. Some
had multiple
Travel : Dogsleds were and still are a
main way of travel in the Far North
Inuit Kayaks helped travel, hunt and fish
Umiaks were larger and could hold up to 60
people. Good for travel and hunting for whale
Inuit Art. Scrimshaw
Carving on whale bone.
Below: Inuit sunglasses!
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