Dawn of Mass culture

By: Mike Donelon and Mike Moynihan
A popular slogan that workers had back then
was “Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest,
and eight hours for what we will”
Then things like Amusement Parks, bicycling,
tennis, and spectator sports started to become
more popular and keep their minds off of
having to work tomorrow
Amusement Parks were often built by trolleycar companies that wanted to have more
The first roller coaster was built in 1884 at
Coney Island
The first ferris wheel was built in 1893 in
The first American bicycles were made by
Colonel Albert A. Pope in the 1870s
In 1885 they created the “safety bicycle” in
which the bicycle had two of the same sized
wheels and they were filled with air. It also had
a dropped frame and no crossbar which got
women into bicycling
50,000 men and women bicycled in 1888. Then
two years later 312 American firms turned out
10 million bikes.
Boxing and Baseball were popular sports back
in the late 1800s to the early 1900s
The first great heavyweight boxer was John L.
Sullivan and got his title in 1882
Boxing was fought mainly with bare knuckles
John also offered to anyone that could beat him
$10,000 if they survived 4 rounds in the ring
with him
The person to finally knock him out was James
J. “Gentleman Jim” Corbett in the 21st round.
Fifty baseball clubs started to show up in 1850
and New York alone had twelve of them
In 1869, a team named the Cincinnati Red
Stockings went around the country to
challenge other teams
More than 51,000 fans showed up at the 1887
championship series between St. Louis and
In the 1890s baseball had a published game
schedule, official rules and a standard-sized
There are three things the audience could
choose from: serious drama, exciting
melodrama, or vaudeville shows
Shakespeare’s tragedies=serious drama
Under the Gaslight=Melodramas
Edwin Milton Royle=Vaudeville
But everyone loved going to the Barnum and
Bailey Circus which was founded by P.T.
Barnum and Anthony Bailey
Ragtime is a blend of African-American
spirituals and European musical forms
Ragtime started in the 1880s
Ragtime was an important step in developing
The nations first shopping center opened in
Cleveland, Ohio in 1890
The growth of cities sparked production of new
stores all around the nation and also inns, city
housing financial services, hotels and
Retail shopping centers formed in the middle
of cities to make getting to them quicker and
Marshall Field of Chicago coined the name
Department Store
Field also said the phrase “Give the lady what
she wants”
In magazines such as the Chicago Magazine of
Fashion advertised directly towards women
Chain stores are groups of stores under the
same ownership
F.W. Woolworth founded the store “Five-andDime Store”
Woolworth also founded out that if you put a
item at a low price, people will buy it right on
the spot
The Five-and-Dime store was so popular that
they sold more that a million dollars of
merchandise a week
Companies advertised about $10 million a year
in 1865 but increased to $95 million by 1900
Medicines grabbed the largest number of
Then pretty much anything in stores like soaps,
food, and toys
These were sent to farmers and residents of
small towns
Sears printed catalogs in ten different
languages to help produce more sales
By 1910, more than 10 million Americans
shopped by mail each year
In 1896, the United States Post Office boosted
mail-order businesses by starting a rural free
In 1913 the initiation of parcel post made it
possible to send a 50-pound package from
Chicago to any location in the country