Communicating the Gospel Effectively

Mindanao Adventist Broadcasters’
Radio Production Workshop
 Communication isn’t something accidental or
supplemental for human beings because God
designed us to be communicators to others.
 God Himself is the original Communicator.
 Today, He has commissioned us to
communicate His everlasting Gospel
throughout the world.
 There is a serious need for us to think and
cooperate in this enormous task of
communicating the Gospel in a more
effective and meaningful way.
What is Communication?
 1 Communication is Unavoidable
 2 Communication is Irreversible
 3 Communication is Relational
 4 Communication is Multiple and Complex
 5 Communication is Synergism
 6 Communication has Ethical Implications
 7 Communication has Spiritual Implications
 Synergy is the continuous inflow and outflow
of energies taking place in communication
which create harmony, understanding, unity
and love among human beings.
 Synergism means the whole is greater than
the sum of its parts.
 1+1 = 5 Synergy in Nature
 100 million Filipinos with 1 million church
 Working in synergy makes every Filipino
reachable for the Lord!
Communication has Spiritual
 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word
was with God, and the Word was God. John
God is a Communicator
 He “expressed” himself at the time of
creation. He spoke, and things happened. He
sought company with Adam, Abraham,
Moses, and David. He let his Son live in a
social context, and He leads His people into a
warm community of believers
God Make Himself Known
 From the Creation of the world God has been
communicating (revealing) himself to
humanity. Creation is one of the vehicles
through which God speaks, and the Bible is
the record of that communication. The
Church is the living voice through which he
continues to speak to the world
God Wants to be Understood
 God uses communication symbols that are
understood by us within our specific cultural
contexts. He uses language, culture, and
human form. In God’s communication, the
impressiveness is in the content of His
message, not in the form or method of
God Wants a Relationship
 The fall of humanity can be seen primarily as
a breakdown in communication. But God
yearns to be known and this yearning makes
Him wrestle with Israel again and again. He
yearns to be in true relationship with each
one of us
God Wants a Response
 God intends that we share His commitment
with the world at large (John 21:21). He wants
us to understand that His intention is to have
such deep relationship with us.
The Incarnation is His
Primary Need.
 The Word became a human being and, full of
grace and truth, lived among us. We saw His
glory, the glory which He received as the
Father’s only Son (John 1:14).
 God Commissions Us to Communicate His
Message throughout the world.
Urgency in communicating
God’s message
 Time is Short—The message I am bidden to
bear to our people at this time is, Work the
cities without delay, for time is short. The
Lord has kept this work before us for…years
or more. A little has been done in few places,
but more might be done.—Letter 168, 1909. –
(Evangelism 33.3)
Time to wake up!
 I appeal to our brethren who have heard the
message for many years. It is time to wake
up the watchmen….May the Lord give
wisdom to the brethren that they may know
how to carry forward the work in harmony
with the will of the Lord.—Manuscript 13,
1910. (Evangelism 34.4)
Millions to hear the
 The cities must be worked. The millions living
in these congested centers are to hear the
third angel’s message. This work should have
been developed rapidly during the past few
years.—Review and Herald, July 5, 1906.
(Evangelism 35.1)
Challenge Question
 What Communication Methods, Channel,
Media, and Forms are effective for
 “Go throughout the whole world and
communicate the Gospel…” MARK 16:15
Thank You
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