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Small acorns to mighty oaks
Abersychan school group
Empowering positive images
• Abersychan school group consists of 10-14 young
people who are at risk from exclusion from
• Project involved creating a wooden community
• The young people made the sign using old
working techniques.
• This is one of many projects the group have
worked on but we are using this one as an
The making of the community sign
Project rules!- and outcomes
• The young people signed a behavioural contract prior
to engagement.
• This contract was designed to improve specific areas of
difficulty in school. i.e behaviour attendance
• If the contract is broken then the young people are not
allowed to participate in the group activities and have
to earn back the necessary points
• We have evidence that this is promoting good
behaviour of young people, raising self-esteem and
developing community awareness .
• School feed back is extremely positive and has raised
the profile of these challenging young people
Mid term reward
positive story
• Due to the continual hard work of this group
we thought it be good to reward them with a
climbing afternoon.
Project promotion by the young
• Due to the outstanding success of this project the
young people have asked to have a unveiling
ceremony of the sign.
• The young people have organised the event from start
to finish and also plan to host and present the evening,
explaining the project to local councillors, press and
public. The growth in these young people as been
phenomenal over a short period of time.
• From small acorns come mighty oaks !