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Matthew 5: 1-12
*Chapters 5-7 constitute the Sermon
on the Mount.
*Beatitudes marked by “blessed”
(In classical Greek, this world was
used to designate the state of the
gods versus the state of man.)
*”The Beatitudes do not, of course,
contain the entire teaching of the
Gospel, but they do contain, in
embryo, the whole program of
Christian perfection.”
*Like Moses, Jesus ascends the
Mount to give the heavenly
commandments to his disciples.
*they shall inherit the Kingdom of
*literally means: “the kingdom
consists of such as these.”
*Qumran Community used this
phrase to mean those who lived
upright lives of perfection
(wholeness or balance).
*to be lifted above the delusion of this
world and its suffering
*suffering, according to St. James, begins in
disordered desire and attachment to
this world
*Key is transformation: from inside out in
our desires so they become ordered
*Here we become detached from this world,
but not disengaged
*meek= to remember who’s in control
and to not take ourselves too
*meek=imitate the gentleness of the
*meek=die to self and to be reborn in
the image of God through Jesus
*this is the most necessary component
of the spiritual life
* This occurs when we want God
*much like flowing water versus
stagnant water
*Graceless, judgmental Christians are
a scandal to the gospel and may
find themselves wanting when
they stand before God.
The Message of the Cross is larger
than Christ’s death.
The truth is: It is Christ’s
resurrection and triumph over
death that gave his sacrificial
death power.
In this way alone is the cross to be
understood as life.
This is the central point of our
Creation was moving toward death.
But because Christ overcame death
and passed over to life, we who are
in him may share in that life and the
hope it brings.
*literally “pure-minded”
*spiritual vision, wisdom, and insight
only comes when the heart is
balanced and whole
*Kingdom witness against the
warmongering and violence of our
*peace connects us to God as His
*Peace starts on the inside, then can
be shared on the outside
*the world will reject us
*we will be persecuted
*we will be reviled
*world will speak evil and falsehood
against us
}Because the world cannot embrace
the values of the Kingdom.
--Peace with the world, which is
passing away.
--Peace with God, who will endure
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