St. John the Apostle

St. John the Apostle
Grades 3-5
St. John the Apostle
 John the beloved was a
fisherman in Galilee.
 His brother was James son of
 They were called “sons of
thunder” (Mark 3:17). They
left their father, their servants
and all their wealth to follow
Jesus. They met Jesus on the
sea where they had caught
large amounts of fish
 They followed Jesus Christ and
became his disciples.
 John liked to lie on Jesus’ bosom,
as he loved Christ very much.
 He walked with him on his journeys,
services, and saw all HIS miraculous
acts, heard his teachings and held fast
to His discipleship in spite of the Jews
persecution to Christ.
 When Jesus was
crucified, he stood
under the cross
 He took Jesus’
mother, Mary with
him after His death
on the cross.
 He saw the
Resurrection and
Ascension of Christ
 John began his service and leadership in
Palestine and then in Asia Minor.
 He lived until he was 100yrs old
 All the apostles had been martyred, so he
became the only Bishop in the world who saw
Christ at that time.
 So when heresies spread, and when
John saw that they were against the
Divinity of Christ, he wrote:
 The Gospel of St. John
 The 3 epistles
 First John
 Second John
 Third John
These were written to his Christian
children as models of excellent servants
 John loved Christ very much, but like many in
that time that loved Christ, were tormented
and tortured for their christian beliefs, as was
 Emperor Domitian laid him in boiling oil in 96
A.D. Then sent him into exile on the island of
 However, the Lord was
with him in exile and He
granted him the eternal
 Read Revelation 1
 John the Beloved was a model of prayer
and contemplation.
 He learned all these things because he
was always closer to Jesus’ side.
 Do we as Christians move closer
to Jesus’ side and test His love?
Memory Verse
 “Do not be afraid,
I am the first and
the last”
(Revelation 1:17)