Fundraising Ideas for FCCLA

Fundraising Ideas
Sandra Edwards
Susan Heller
For Successful
Sell quality products
Know your target audience
and do not forget to include
the elementary students
Try not to think of it as selling
or imposing on people, but
rather offering them an
Chapter Money
Membership Application:
* Include yearly dues
* extra fee charged for
t-shirt or hoodie or
sweat pants
FCCLA Chapter Membership Application
Phone Number:
Age: _________ T-shirt Size:_________________
I am a: (Circleone)
New member
Returning member of ____ years
I am interested in: (Circle all of interest)
Participating in planned events
Commun ity service
Chapter service
Fundr aising activities
Becoming an off icer
Participating in comp etitive STAR Events
I will serv
e on the following committees: (Circle all of interest)
Public Relations
Other ___________ ______ _____ _____
will remain a member in good standing, attend meetings, get copies
of m inutes, follow announc ements, deadlines and activities of group and w ear appropr iate clothing to all FCCLA
sponsored events.
(Student S ignature)
Amount P aid
Dues: $20.00 or $25.00 (includes t-shirt)/Date Paid
or Check#
If paid by check, n ame on ch ecking account
______ _____
FCCLA Chapter Permission Form
s Name
become a part of
Help er Junior High
Leaders of Americ a Chapter (FCCLA).
Grade____________ has my permissionto
School Family, Career, and Community
Parent/Gu ardian Signature____________ _____ _____ ______ ________ _______ Date____ _____ ____
Chapter Money
Smiths: Utah schools can enroll in the
Smiths Earn and Learn program for
Unrestricted funding and are not eligible
For other contributions.
Email: [email protected] for details
Wal-Mart: May provide merchandise or
donation but there is no guarantee the
request will be granted. Submit
paperwork early in the year as they
receive a large volume of requests.
Local Businesses: ask them to sponsor
an activity or a conference.
(See attached sponsor letter)
(Done on School Letterhead)
151 Uintah Street
Helper, Utah 84526
April 30, 2012
Corporate Sponsors in the Carbon County Area
Dear Sir or Madam,
The Helper Junior High Chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of
America (FCCLA) would like to ask your business to serve as a sponsor to our
students who have placed 1 st at the state FCCLA leadership meeting and will
represent us in Orlando, Florida at the National FCCLA leadership conferen ce.
As well as competing, they will attend leader ship meetings and youth sessions
where they will gain skills that they can bring back to students in our
The cost to attend the Leadership Conference is $1,1600/student. FCCLA is a
strong leaders hip organization within our school with the family as its central
focus. During this past year, our students h ave worked hard on a variety of
projects, which involve the family, communi ty, and high school student body in
service projects and activities. We are very proud of our students for their hard
work and dedication to making th e world better. We would like to ask for any
financial support you may be willing to contribute.
We thank you in advance for your time and willingness to support Helper
Junior High and our FCCLA organization. We would like to recognize y ou on
our school website and in our FCCLA news letters. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me at school (435 -472-5441) or home (435-487-9222
or cell (714-454-9256).
Susan Heller
Family & Consumer Sc ience Educator
Department Head, FCCLA Adv isor
Helper Junior High
Chapter Money
Car Wash
Bake and sell Otis Spunkmeyer
Heart Cookies with special
message for Valentines day
Heart Attacks: Buy a chocolate
heart for a friend
Cookie dough/ sticky bun sale:
Champion Fundraising: 814-6925232
Christmas candy cane grams
Chapter Money
Concession Stands
Book Closet
Craft Fair
Penny Wars
Fat Boy Ice Cream
Cake Decorating Contest
Yard/Garage Sale
Casserole Sales
Christmas Tree Raffle
Swirl: Frozen ice drink
Chapter Money
Change for Change
School t-shirts and
50/50 raffle
Spirit scarves
Spaghetti Dinner
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