Laurel Caverns and Tall Oaks Campground
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Menu Planning
Some Outing Rules
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Laurel Caverns Outing Plan (Version: May 9th)
Friday, May 11 4:30pm
Quartermasters prepare trailer
Troop assemble: bring bag dinner for car ride. Bring $ for Sunday lunch should there be delays returning.
ASPL___ verify attendance, patrol duty roster, tent mates, patrol food, rain gear, headlamps, back up lashlight, and one
nalgene bottle, long-pants, long sleeve shirt, and perquisite Merit Badge material.
Drive 3.5 hours to Tall Oaks Campground, 544 Camp Riamo Road, Farmington, PA 15437 (724) 329-4777. (stops: biobreaks and gas). Quiet set up > go to sleep!
Saturday, May 12 6am
Quiet wake-up, cook hot breakfast, clean up. Prepare and pack lunch.
Laurel Caverns ,200 Cavern Park Rd, Farmington, PA 15437 (724) 438-2070. Bring headlamp and backup light, rain
gear, patrol prepared lunch, and one nalgene water bottle. Long-pants and long sleve shirt required. (Daypack highly
encouraged – no valuables in daypack like hidden ipods, androids, etc.).
Depart for Climbing Merit Badge - (Climbing MB 9:15 until 1:15); stay for 2pm caving.
Depart for all other Merit Badges – all other MBs begin at 10:00; stay for 2pm caving.
Other scouts skills and advancement for scouts not attaining Merit Badges in the morning.
{There may be some shuttling between both locations. Unclear is someone will be in camp the entire
Eat patrol made lunches from the morning; stay for 2pm caving.
Depart for caving. Assemble for caving at ~1:30pm; caving starts at 2pm.
Return to campground and prepare diner, advancement, pre-scoutmaster conferences. If sufficient daylight, complete
chuck box inspections (we should only be boiling water on Sunday morning and not dirtying the cooking gear)
Campfire (Written Script approved by SPL/PLC to meet Communications Merit Badge requirement).
Sunday, May 13 ( MOTHER’S DAY )
Quiet wake-up, troop hot breakfast (probably hot chocolate and hot oatmeal) at the pavilion.
Patrol and personnel gear
Finish advancement; Non-denominational service led by____________; then depart.
Great Falls Library so as not to impact Sunday services at St Francis
Quartermasters stow trailer and equipment at St Francis > Harris Hall (after the St Francis Sunday Service is over and
the parishioners’ cars are out of the way to back-in the troop trailer)
Menu Planning
[opportunity for 1st Class Cooking requirement i.e. 3 meals – two cooked
(breakfast & dinner) and one prepared (lunch)]
• Saturday Breakfast (40o F in am): Hot meal but not too
elaborate because the Climbing Merit Badge scouts must
depart by 8:15. (Duty roosters and team work are key for
efficient meals)
• Saturday Lunch: Prepare patrol lunch at breakfast time.
Suggestions: Sandwiches with fruit (apple), chips, and
• Saturday Dinner: Plenty of time for a nice dinner. Dutch oven
dinner would be very welcomed. Patrol dinner competition?
• Sunday Breakfast (50o F in am): Troop Breakfast hot chocolate
and hot oatmeal
Some Outing Rules
• Quiet time 11pm until 9am
– Whisper; campers next to you should not be able to hear you….
• No sodas, energy drinks, etc. from the camp store
• No electronics
• Scout Spirit especially at Laurel Caverns and the Tall Oaks
– Appropriate Dress (Troop T-Shirt) (Long-pants and Long Sleeve
Shirt as required for activities e.g. caving)
– Behavior especially at Merit Badge activities
• Follow all Safety and Environmental rules especially while
30 minute drive between locations
Laurel Caverns
Tall Oaks Campground
Troop 55 has sites
T50 through T55 and
Pavillion #3
Troop 55 has sites T50 through T55 and Pavillion #3