Plymouth Public Schools – Solar Project

Plymouth Public Schools – Solar
 How these projects fit
in with the PPS overall
energy strategy
Roof-Tops – 2 MWs
Purchase Electricity
Offsite Solar – 6 MWs
Purchase Electricity
PPS Energy Strategy - Details
Our energy strategy is divided into three components:
Conservation- This was the starting point for the districts energy
program, conservation efforts involving all district personnel are the
anchor of our program. Conservation efforts have helped to achieve a
substantial amount of the savings we have seen to date.
Efficiency Initiatives- We have completed and continue to move
ahead with efficiency projects including lighting upgrades, mechanical
upgrades, and building envelope improvements, as well as the larger
capital projects that are significantly driving down our overall
Alternative Energy Options
- proposed projects: roof-top onsite and offsite solar farm projects.
The direction we are taking; conservation→efficiency→alternative
energy is the energy industry recognized standard path for large
facility energy programs.
Energy Efficiency Activities –
 Energy Efficiency Projects:
LED installations
Controls upgrades
De-stratification fans
Hot water heater replacements
Energy Efficiency Projects - Convert 4 Schools to NonElectric/Lower Cost
 Capital Projects:
PCIS- complete
West- complete
Indian Brook- project underway targeted for
completion summer 2012
Federal Furnace- not yet approved but
anticipated, existing system at the end of its
life cycle.
PV Solar Energy Projects –
 Photo Voltaic Solar Electricity Generation -
Municipalities allowed to purchase 10 MW of
Electricity credits. Net-Metering Credits
 Six Schools – Roof-Top PC Solar Systems
Two (2) MWe of Capacity – 2,300,000 kWhr / yr
Saves $0.8 / kWhr or $184,000 / year
Offsite PV Solar Farm Project (s)
Six (6) MWe of Capacity – 9,390,000 kWhr / yr
Saves $0.6 / kWhr or $563,400 / year
Plymouth Public Schools Electricity Cost Profile to be built into
the FY13 energy projections
FY 12 Electricity Budget (11,250,000 kWhr)
New North High School
(+1,440,000 kWhr)
Cost Reduction Initiatives
Electricity Reduction/Conversions – Elec. → Gas
(887,000 KWhr)
Electricity Energy Efficiency program; lighting and
mechanical improvements (400,000 kWhr)
Electricity Purchase Initiative (0.0799 kWhr supply through
FY12 into FY13)
Roof-Top PV Solar Systems (2,300,000 kWhr)
Stand-Alone 6MW PV Solar Net-Meter Credits
(9,390,000 kWhr)
Total FY 2013 Electricity Costs
30% - 45%