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History of Steel Drums
Carl R. Schneider - Presenter
West Union High School
937-544-5553 (S)
Trinidad and Tobago
Most recent acoustic instrument
55 gallon oil drum
Left from Naval Bases - WW2
British Colonial Rule - 1800’s
Hand Drums - Call Gangs
Outlawed hand drums in 1886
Tamboo Bamboo
Machetes inside poles
Outlawed Tamboo Bamboo
Found instruments
Early Pan
Iron Band Parades
Winston “Spree” Simon - 1930’s
Discovered dented section - made tone
Convex in shape
Ellie Manette - Father of modern pan
Competitions at Carnaval
2 Contests
Popular songs of the year
Technical and Versatility Piece
100 musicians and 300 pans
Rehearse in panyards
Community identity
Witco Desperadoes
Phase Two Pan Grove
Amoco Renegades
Trinidad All Stars
Skiffle Bunch
Fon Clair
Antillean All Stars
Pan Player’s
Len “Boogsie” Sharp
Ken “Professor” Philmore
Robbie Greenidge
Andy Narell
Jeff Narell
Tom Miller
Pan Ramajay
Modern Pan
University Tuning Project
High Schools and Universities
Standardization on patterns and tuning