Keeping Mum: Caring for Someone with Dementia

Keeping Mum: Caring for
Someone with Dementia
Marianne Talbot
Understanding the Person with Dementia:
Study Day
Oxford Brookes University
11th June 2013
This is my Mum and Dad, Philip and Lesley Talbot, on their
wedding day in November 1939
My parents had been married for 61 years 19
days when my Dad died in 2000
Caring for Dad would have been a lot easier if
he had had an Enduring Power of Attorney
(Now called Lasting Powers of Attorney)
In 1999 Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
In 2003 Mum came to live with me
Social Services became involved
Things became more difficult as Mum’s mind
I was exhausted
A time came when I couldn’t care for Mum at
home any more
Mum was in the home until, in April 2009, she died
Caring is not all doom and gloom…
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I am delighted to talk to you today
You have chosen an honourable
profession and I wish you all the best
I should be delighted to take questions