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CLCH Customer Services
Tony Fishenden
Customer Service Manager
Central London Community
Our Vision:
To lead out-of-hospital community healthcare
The Services we provide…
• We're the NHS community healthcare provider in four London boroughs:
Barnet, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and
We provide a number of services in the community, including:
• Community and District nursing
• Health visiting
• Podiatry (foot health)
• NHS Walk-in and Urgent Care Centres
• Children and family services
• Specialist services to help manage long term conditions
• Rehabilitation and therapies
• Palliative care services
• Offender health services
How to reach us…
Send us a letter about your complaint
Send us an email about your complaint or download our leaflet,
which is also available in Easy Read format, from our website
Talk about your complaint over the telephone
It may help if you think about what you want to
happen when we look into your complaint
Another person can make a complaint for you. This can
be a member of your family, a friend or VoiceAbility.
If you want this to happen, we need a letter from you saying
we can talk about your case with the person making the
complaint for you.
When you make a complaint
• We will try to sort out your complaint here at the Central
London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
• Within 3 days we will get in touch with you to let you know
we have got your complaint
• We will then investigate your complaint
• We will agree with you how much time we can take to find
out what happened
• We may need more time to find out what happened
• If we need more time we will ask you if this is alright
• We will then send you a reply to your complaint. The reply
will be signed by the person in charge, who is called the
Chief Executive.
After we reply to your complaint
• If you are not happy with our reply we will try again to see if
we can resolve it for you.
• If you ask for an independent review, you will be asked to
write to a group of experts called the Parliamentary and
Health Service Ombudsman.
• This group can only look at complaints if we have tried to
sort out your complaint
Thank you!
Tony Fishenden
CLCH Customer Service Team
Call us on 0800 368 0412
Email us at [email protected]
Fax us 020 7798 0891
Download our leaflets, which are also available in Easy Read
format, from:
Write to us at : Customer Service Team
Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
64 Victoria Street
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