Meredith Vieira

By: Jesse Patterson
Family: Vieira marries an Emmy-award winning
CBS news journalist Richard M. Cohen on June 14,
1986. She has three children, Gabriel Anthony
Cohen - Son
Lily Max Cohen – Daughter and Benjamin Edwin
Cohen - Son
and currently lives in Irvington in Westchester
County, New York. Mary Louisa Elsie Rosa
Silveira Vieira and Dr. Edwin Vieira both first
generation Portuguese Americans also known as
her parents. All four of Vieira's grandparents were
from the Azores. Youngest of four children with
three older brothers. They were all raised Roman
Hometown: East Providence, Rhode Island.
Education: Attended Lincoln Schools, An all girls school in
Providence. Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in
English from Tufts University.
Career Timeline: 1985-1989 West 57th, 1989-1993 60 Minutes
Correspondent, 1992-1993 CBS Morning News Co-Anchor,
1993-1997 Turning Point Correspondent, 1997-2006 The View
Moderator, 2002-present Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Host,
2006-present Dateline NBC contributing anchor, September
2006-June 2011 Today Co-Host, June 2011-present NBC News
special Correspondent.
Type of Journalism: Political, Entertainment.
In 2006, Meredith received the P.T. Barnum award
from Tufts University for her exceptional work in
the field of media and entertainment.
Vieira is famous for being the Co-Anchor of the
today show and also for being the host of Who
Wants to Be a Millionaire.
She has hosted the Academy Awards pre-show for
She was also the former spokesperson for Bayer.
In 2010 Vieira appeared in the film Get Him To
The Greek.
Vieira has also made appearances on Chumdog
Millionaire and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Meredith had brief appearances in various
scenes in the Broadway show “Thoroughly
Modern Millie” in 2003.
Meredith played a cameo as the host of a
proposed game show in the 2004 game show of
the Stepford wives.
Hosted the featurettes that are included on the
first season DVDs of the ABC television show
The Desperate Housewives.
Made a cameo role as the news reporter in
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.
Made a cameo appearance in the Doctor Who
episode “The Wedding Of River Song”.
Made an appearance as Broomsy Witch in
Shrek forever After.
Guest appearances in the NBC sitcom “30
Rock” in the episodes “Greenzo” and “Larry
First guest appearance on The View since she
left on Monday, Oct 8, 2007.
Vieira is apart of many news programs that
contain political and entertaining news. She
also includes drama and serious issues going
on in our world today. The programs she
belongs to are the Today show, CBS Evening
News, Dateline NBC, ABC News. Meredith
covered the Beijing Olympics, The Vancouver
Olympics and the Barack Obama Inauguration.
Recently this year Vieira said goodbye the
Today show.
Meredith covered the Beijing Olympics, The
Vancouver Olympics and the Barack Obama
Inauguration. Recently this year Vieira said
goodbye the Today show.
Meredith has supported the following charities:
Jumpstart, Love our Children USA, Save The
Children, Abuse, AIDS, AtRisk/Disadvantaged Youths, Children,
Disaster Relief, Education, Family/Parent
Support, Literacy, Poverty.
1988- Meredith won an Emmy for outstanding
coverage of a continuing new story segment,
outstanding informational, cultural or historic
programming and outstanding investigative
1991- Meredith won an Emmy for outstanding
informational, cultural or historic
Nominated in 1998 and 1999 for a daytime
emmy for outstanding talk show host.
Finally in 2007 she won the daytime Emmy for
outstanding game show host and talk show
Meredith has been the game show host for
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire every since
Regis left.
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