New Testament Models of Mission 신약성경의 선교모델들

David M. Gustafson, DMin, PhD
Houston Graduate School of Theology
Why do we not begin with the Old Testament in
the search for an understanding of mission?
Bosch 16-17 (선교를 이해하기 위하여 왜 우리는
구약성경에서 발견된 것들도 시작하지 않았는가?)
The poor(가난한 사람)
The blind(맹인)
The lepers(나병환자들)
The hungry(주린자)
Those who weep(슬픈자)
The sinners(죄인들)
The tax-collectors(세리들)
The demonpossessed(귀신들린자)
The captives(포로들)
The weary and heavyladen(수고하고 무거운
The rabble who know
nothing of the law(율법을
The little ones(소자들)
The least(작은자)
The last(낮은자)
The prostitutes(매춘부들)
Ignatius of Antioch,
“Where the bishop is,
there is the church.”
Christ's Appearance on the
Mountain, Buoninsegna
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