Grade 7 - Teamwork WNY121213

U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program
Grade 7 Referee Course
Amateur Adult Training
o Know the Laws of the Game
o Understand the playing environment and
o Make a good impression and set the right
o Professional demeanor
Pre-game Conference
o Local rules of competition
o Team tactics
o Styles of play
o Player characteristics
o Playmakers
o Enforcers
o Leaders
o Additional issues
Assistant Referees
Discuss how AR will handle:
o Offside
o Game critical decisions
o Incidents off the ball
o Fouls out of the referee’s view
o Constant communication
o Mass confrontation
o Goal line decisions
Halftime Conference
o Confirm game information
o Goal scorers
o Misconduct
o Prepare for the second half
o Make adjustments
o Communication
o Expectations
o Potential situations
After the Game
Review Question
o Is communication between the assistant
referees and the referee critical for the
success of the referee team?
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o Is it important for the referee team to have a
professional demeanor and appearance from
the moment they arrive until the game is over
and they leave the field of play?
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o Who can be positively impacted by the
referee team having a professional
o Players
o Coaches
o Spectators
o All of the above
Review Question
o Should the referee skip the pre-game
conference because the amateur adult game
is simple and doesn’t require the referee to
ensure the team is prepared for the match?
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o In addition to confirming game information,
the halftime conference is a great opportunity
for the referee team to ______.
o Discuss expectations for the second half
o Make adjustments
o Prepare to finish the game effectively
o All of the above
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