CHSP Europe Program
 Objective: To learn about the impact of health
policies and culture on the delivery of health care to
populations. Students are encouraged to look at the
role of comparative health in shaping new policies.
 Participants: Full-time McGill Students from all
CHSP Europe Program
 What we are looking for:
 Keen interest in public health
 Ability to fit in and work in teams
 Open-mindedness and adaptability
 Working knowledge of French is NOT a requirement.
CHSP Europe Program
 Paris
 Cabinet Medical Fontaine
 Hôpital Foch
 Université Paris VII (Diderot)
 Institut Pasteur
 Groupe d'intérêt publique (GIP) Santé Protection Sociale
Internationale (SPSI)
 Association des internes en sante publique d'ile de France
CHSP Europe Program
CHSP Europe Program
 Geneva
 World Health Organization (WHO)
 London
 Medecins du monde-London
 National Institude for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
 REFORM Think Tank
 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
CHSP Europe Program
CHSP Europe Program
 Pre-Departure Activities (Mandatory)
 CHSP Annual Conference
 CHSP Lecture Series
 Pre-departure meetings
Meeting 1: Details/logistics of Program (Participant Manual)
 Meetin2 2 (Combined with Taiwan Program): Introduction to
Comparative Health Policy
 Meeting 3-4: Health care in Europe
Research Survey (Pre and Post)
Research Proposal
Montreal Program (Combined with Taiwan Program)
Should be completed by the 2nd week of May
CHSP Europe Program
 Cost
 Airfare $900
 Program Fee $800
Transportation within Europe (Train or plane)
 Lodging in appartment for 14 days
 Token of appreciation for speakers/guests
 Hassle-free, all booked and organized by CHSP
Pocket Money $200
Total: Aprox. $1900
CHSP Europe Program
 Not-for-Profit (I.e. Surplus will go to participants)
 No administrative fees
 All fees go towards providing activities for the
program participants
 Transparent budget will be provided to the
 Possibility of organizing fundraising
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