In my PowerPoint
Presentation I will be talking
to you guys about my
favourite sport basketball.
I hope You enjoy!
Basketball is my favourite sport. It’s more than
my favourite sport, it’s my passion. Whenever I
play basketball I always give it my all. When I
play basketball I feel like I’m in my own world.
I’m calling the shots, I’m controlling the game.
Basketball is a good way to get away from all the
hard things in life. No matter what happens in my
life, I will always and I mean always love and
play basketball.
There is one main reason that I play
basketball. I play basketball because I
enjoy playing it. I don’t play because
someone told me to or I’ve been forced
too, I play because I want too. You may
think I suck but I don’t care. B-ball is
my life and it will always be.
I started playing basketball at the age of 6. It all started
on such a weird way. My dad took me to watch one of
my cousin’s basketball practice. When the practice
was over one of the coaches told me to come talk to
him. He told me to start playing basketball because I
was fairly tall while I was young. I told my dad what the
coach had said and he immediately signed me up for
after school basketball. From that day on I started
playing lots of basketball. A couple years later my dad
bought me a basketball hoop on which I practice
Throughout my
whole basketball
career I have
achieved many
awards. In the
next few slides I
will be showing
you a few of these
I got my first ever basketball medal in grade
4 for coming in 3rd place in our after school
basketball league.
This is my favourite medal. We came in 1st
place in our afterschool league in grade 6.
In my whole life I have won 2 player of the game
My favourite team in the NBA is the Los Angeles
Lakers. I have been cheering for this team since 2008.
They lost that year to my cousins team, The Boston
Celtics. He always pissed me off about how the Lakers
lost to the Celtics until 2010. This year the Lakers beat
the Celtics in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. My favourite
player on the Lakers has always been #24 Kobe
Bryant. I really enjoy watching him play because in my
opinion he is one of the most clutch basketball players
to play the game. Kobe ranks 4th in scoring all time and
is closing on 3rd place. He is trying to pass Michael
Jordan. This season Kobe ranks 19th in assists, more
than Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, and lots more.
One of my favourite basketball players is Kyrie Irving. In
my opinion I believe that he is one of the best point
guards in the NBA. Kyrie was selected 1st overall in the
2011 draft and has already become one of the most
electrifying players in the game. I really enjoy watching
him play because he can just take off in a blink of an
eye. Each time I watch him play I try to learn some of
the moves he does so that I can try those same moves
in a game. Kyrie is a huge role-model for me. I will
always be a huge fan of him.
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