Gloria Estefan - Kayla Sanders

Gloria Estefan
By: Kayla Sanders
When and where was i born?
• September 1, 1957 (age 54)
• Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba
Where did I emigrate too?
• Miami, Flordia
When did I move to
• When I was just a
toddler about 2
years old.
Reason why I
• Because of communism.
• They took away my country, they stole the
most intimate things a human being can have.
How could I forget that Fidel Castro was the
person who did me so much harm?
• It’s very hard talking about cuba.
• I became romantically involved with the Miami
Sound Machine's band leader, Emilio Estefan. He was
my first and only boyfriend.
• We got married on September 1, 1978.
• We had two children a girl and a boy. Nayib and
Emily Marie.
My Mom and Dad
• Shortly after they moved to the United States,
my father joined the US military and fought in
the Vietnam war and moved to Houston
Teaxs, also he participated in the failed Bay of
Pigs Invasion. He got very ill when he came
back from the Vietnam War, I watched him die
a very slow 14 year death.
• My mom was a school teacher.
• Singer, Song writer, and Actress.
• Hotel Nacional Official Music Video
• I came out with 14 albums.
• I played in a lot of movies and television
shows, Such as G force, Marley & Me, Glee,
the X Factor, Ect.
• Catholic
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