Navy ROTC Scholarships

Navy ROTC Scholarships
So what does that add up too (not
including room and board)?
• Cost of a 4 year degree at a private
– In state $104,348
– Out of state $146,168
Cost of a 4 year degree at a public
– In state $34,740
– Out of state $76,060
• Cost of room and board ranges from
$6,000-$10,000 per year (2007-2008 National Averages)
NROTC Scholarship
• 4 year scholarship - $180,000 for Tuition, Books and
College Fees
• Monthly Stipend - Starting at $250 a Month (increases $50
a yr.)
• Paid Tutors (and have help signing up with courses)
• Choose from Over 155 top Colleges across the US.
• (I.E – OSU, Miami University, Michigan, Embry-riddle, MIT, Purdue)
Scholarship Options
• Navy 4 year – Receive a Bachelors
• Navy Nurse - Receive a Degree in Nursing
• Marine Option – receive a Bachelors
During College
Experience the College Life
Take classes for Major
Take Naval Science Class each Semester
Participate in work outs 2 to 3 times a week
Participate in Military Drill practice
Summer Travel and even Study Abroad
More than just a scholarship…
Guaranteed Management Job after Graduation
Medical and Dental Benefits
Starting Salary as low as $45,000
30 days paid vacation
Job Experience
Life Experience
How does One apply ???
• Receive a minimum ACT or SAT Score of 
21 on Math and 22 English Sections
520 Math and 530 English
We take the highest scores off of any test
Top 10% Class standing automatically
qualified regardless of test scores!!
• Start an Online Application.
• Receive Teacher evaluations.
• Conduct Interview
To help strengthen your application
• Apply for the colleges on your application
Selection Process
• Submitted to National Selection Board
– Board Sets Bar for Selection
• Influencing Factors !!!!!
– High School Grades (Math and Science).
– Your ACT/SAT.
– Teacher Evaluations (Math, Other,
– Writing sample.
– Your commitment, DEP, Academy or other
ROTC Scholarships.
– Community Service Involvement.
– Class Involvement.
– Sports.
– Class standing.
– College classes.
– AP or Honors classes
What does it mean if Selected ??
• If you receive a ROTC Scholarship offer, you’ll
have 30 days to accept or decline.
– Once you Accept the scholarship there is no Commitment to
serve in the Navy until the first day of your Sophomore year
of College.
• School choice will be in the acceptance letter.
• If school choice isn’t one you want, then you can
switch the choice
If you decline offer, it can’t be reversed.
Conduct a Medical Physical
Once you decide to commit to the Scholarship
• 4 years of active Naval Service as a Commissioned Officer.
• If you go into Aviation such as Pilot or Naval Flight Officer then the
Commitment is 7 years due to extensive training.
• You will not incur any commitment until you enter your Sophomore
Year of College. Your freshman year of college is free.
• Your active service does not begin until you graduate.
• You’ll have up to your Junior Year to choose your career field.
Application Period
• Opens April 2009
• Deadline 31 January
• ISD deadline is 1
December 2009.
• Juniors can start in April
• Boards commence in
• The Earlier the
better !!!
National and Local Stats
2008 Scholarship competition
252 screened 148 selected for 4 Yr.
12 screened 7 selected for Nurse.
4684 screened.
2572 selected.
90% had some athletics
57% of JROTC received it.
95% were in Extra-curricular Clubs and Activities
It’s Your Future!!!
• You have to decide.
• I can’t make the decision for you.
• Your teacher can’t make the decision
for you.
• Mom and Dad shouldn’t make the
decision for you.
• Do you have what it takes?
• Do you want to be successful?
• Do you want to set yourself apart from your peers?
• If you answered yes to the last three questions, then the NROTC
Scholarship is for you.
• It’s your decision, do not delay, get started TODAY!