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Goodwill Easter Seals
of the Gulf Coast
Community Presentation of
Legacy Corps Program
Goodwill Easter Seals is guided by:
 Our Mission:
“Together, we Empower people
through Encouragement, Education,
and Employment”.
 Our Values:
Integrity, Compassion, Unity, Respect,
 Our Vision:
“Strengthening Individuals, Families and
Children’s Services:
 Early Intervention
 Child Development
Centers (2)
 Special Education
Preschool Program
 OSR First Class
PreK Program
 Early HeadStart
 Family Support
 Recreation Programs
 AF/Navy Respite
Support Services:
 Medical Assistance
 Equipment Loan
 Support Groups
Down Syndrome
Stroke Survivors
 Camperships
 Community
Education Services:
 Adult Literacy
 Adult Basic
 GED Instruction
 GED Testing
 Financial Literacy
 At – Risk Youth
Workforce Development Services:
 Vocational Rehab
 Youth Mentoring
 Transitional Youth
 Business Services
 Ability One
Legacy Corps Program
An AmeriCorps Project Provided
through a Grant from the Corporation
for National and Community Service
University of Maryland Health
Services Administration
AmeriCorps Background:
 America’s version of the PeaceCorps
 Established in 1993 to connect Americans
of all ages and backgrounds with
opportunities to give back to their
communities and nation
 Four Common Goals of all AmeriCorps
programs and members:
Getting Things Done
Strengthening Communities
Encouraging Responsibilities
Expanding Opportunity
Purpose of Legacy Corps
 Provide Respite and Support
Services to Veterans and Active
Duty Military Families
 Assist in reducing Caregiver Stress
 Empower the Caregiver and Care
Recipient through education and
linkages to community resources
Why the Need?
 By 2025 62 million Americans will be considered
senior citizens (the fastest growing cohort will be
those 100 years+)
 A growing and specialized need for caregiver
support exists among veterans and military families
 96% of those caregivers are women and more than
30% have been providing care for over 10 years
 Caregivers of veterans report more than twice the
emotional stress of caregivers of adults nationally
 As service members, Veterans have the opportunity
to become civically engaged and increase their
employability within the community
Legacy Corps Service Members:
 Volunteers - not employees!
 Will provide at least 450 service hours /year
(includes training/in-service hours)
 Preference to veteran service members (60%
of enrollment)
 Thorough interview, screening and evaluation
 Monthly Stipend - $200
 Educational Award - $1,468/year
 In-service Training/Professional Development
Members provide Community-Based
Services for Veterans/Military Families:
Services provided by Legacy Corps Members:
In-home Respite – Average 9 -12 hours per week to allow
Caregiver break, rest, time to attend to personal health
and well-being
Information Sharing/ Peer-to-Peer Networks – Member will
provide information on topics and issues common among
Veteran Caregiver situations; facilitate linkages to social
support opportunities
Child Care Respite – Respite to parents of children facing
deployment or those caring for a special needs child (active
or retired)
Caregiver Transitional Services – provided to families
transitioning to/from medical facilities and home-based
Legacy Member Requirements:
 Must be 18 Years or older
 Have a High School Diploma or GED
 Obtain Clearance on Federal and State
Criminal Background and National Sex
Offender Registry Checks
 Commit to at least 450 hours for one
Service Member Enrollment
 Written Application
 Check Driving Record/Insurance
 Criminal History, Sexual Offender
 2 Personal References
 Interview
 20-hour Orientation / Pre-Service
Training (Typically 4-5 days)
 Attend required pre-service, monthly
in-service training and reflection sessions
 Adherence to Program Guidelines, Policies
and Procedures
 Complete reporting requirements (monthly
progress notes, for example)
 Have reliable transportation and telephone
 Flexible Schedule for providing service
activities and attending training
Ways to Partner with GES
Legacy Corps Project
 Refer potential service members who meet the
minimum requirements and qualifications (60%
 Refer potential recipients (90% families with
veteran or active duty member in home)
 Provide resource/referral information related to
veteran/caregiver needs
 Provide workshops/guest presentation sessions
for Legacy Corps monthly in-service sessions
 Spread the word to help us Recruit Qualified
Service Members!
Caroline Dixon, Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Stacey Griffith