Football in London
• 1. What are the names of the three top teams in London?
• 2. Why had Chelsea an odd start as a sportclub?
The three top teams in London
• Arsenal FC
• Chelsea FC
• Tottenham Hotspur FC
Arsenal FC
• It is called the gunners
• Arsenals stadium is Emirates Stadium
• Arséne Wenger have coach them for 18 years
Chelsea FC
• Chealsea FC has a bit odd start as a sport club
• There was an arena to play in, but no team existed
• And because of that Chelsea was created
• Juan mata became their best player in tow years running
Tottenham Hotspur FC
• Tottenham was also the first team from UK who took home a large
European cuptitle
• Tottenham was the frist club in the world that was introduced on the
stock exchange.