Chieftains AKA El Hefes
Some abbreviations
ERAS® – Electronic Residency Application Service
EFDO – ERAS® Fellowships Documents Office
NRMP – National Residency Match Program
ADTS – Applicant Document Tracking System
MIDUS - Medical Institution Document Upload
• JUN 18 You may submit your ERAS Fellowships token request once the
season has begun. Tokens will be sent via e-mail at the time you request
your token and the transaction has been completed.
Once you have purchased your token, register at MyERAS. Go to the
MyERAS home page. Use your token to register, login and start working on
your application. You may start submitting documents to the EFDO for
• JUL 1 Fellowship applicants may apply to July application cycle specialties
• JUL 15 The ERAS PostOffice opens for July application cycle fellowship
programs. The EFDO begins transmitting supporting documents that
have been processed to programs you have designated. The EFDO will
transmit documents every business day until May 31, 2014. The
Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS) opens to monitor the
transmission status of your application and documents.
• MAY 31 ERAS PostOffice closes, ending current ERAS season.
• JUL 1 Fellowship training begins.
• ERAS Fellowships process begins with your request to EFDO
for a MyERAS token;
– Unique identifier for access to MyERAS
– fourteen-digit alpha-numeric code that is sent to you via e-mail
– request a MyERAS token for the ERAS Fellowships 2014 starting June
– https://www.erasfellowshipdocuments.org/
– non-refundable $90.00 fee is required for token issuance payable by
credit card or electronic check
– copy the electronic token number and use it to register at MyERAS
• ERAS transmits fellowship applications, Letters of
Recommendation (LoRs), the Medical Student Performance
Evaluation (MSPE), transcripts, photograph and ABSITE
Transcripts (for surgical fellowships only) to program
• No longer accepting paper documents for
fellowship applications
• Must use MIDUS or the ERAS LoR Portal
– must be submitted electronically
– Documents submitted by mail or courier will not be
scanned or attached to an applicant's MyERAS
– The EFDO On-line Services link will become available
on the Documents tab in MyERAS 24 hours from the
time you register at MyERAS.
• Do not send documents prior to registration
• If your medical school will provide you with your MSPE
and medical school transcript, the EFDO encourages
you to upload them through the EFDO On-line
– Otherwise, your medical school must submit them directly
to EFDO through MIDUS.
• Specific size and format requirements are available in
EFDO On-line Services
• fellowship applicants are not permitted to upload
documents that have been printed from the Program
Directors Workstation (PDWS). - violation of AAMC
In a nutshell
• Upload Documents
– Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)*
– Medical School Transcript*
– Digital Photograph
– ABSITE Transcript (surgery applicants only)
• Verify Receipt of Documents by the EFDO
• Send requests for electronic MSPE or medical
school transcript through the EFDO Medical
Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS).
• All LoRs must be submitted through the ERAS LoR
• Applicanst should provide their letter writers with
the Letter Request Form which includes
instructions for accessing the LoR Portal.
• The Letter Request Form can only be printed after
you have finalized your LoR Authors in MyERAS.
• You can have your letter writers send the LORs to
Holly in a sealed envelope with Letter Request
Form and she can upload it – Let your letter
writer know of this option
• Accessible from the MyERAS homepage or from
within the application,
– Keeps an up-to-date account of all your ERAS
• ADTS lists all documents uploaded to the ERAS
PostOffice and the time and date the documents
have been downloaded by programs;
– You will not be able to view the scanned image.
– Please allow 24 hours processing time before tracking
your document status.
For the more motivated ones …
• The EFDO On-line Services includes a “Verify
Receipt of Document” feature which will allow
you to track the receipt status of your
documents received by the EFDO,
– excluding LoRs uploaded thorugh the ERAS Lor
Application Fee
• MyERAS Application Fees for ERAS 2013
– Programs Up to 10 - $105
– Programs 11-20 - $10 each
– Programs 21-30 - $15 each
– Programs 31 or more - $25 each
• To request your USMLE transcript,
– go to MyERAS and
– click on the Documents | USMLE Transcript tab to authorize the
release of your transcript.
– Do not submit copies of USMLE transcript scores
• If you receive a new or updated score after submitting your
MyERAS application, you will need to return to the
Documents | USMLE Transcript tab to have your updated
USMLE transcript retransmitted to your programs.
• The fee for the NBME to transmit your USMLE transcript to
your programs is a one time fee of $70, payable together
with the ERAS processing fee.
– Do not send this fee to the EFDO;
– pay online at MyERAS after applying to programs.
Chieftains AKA El Hefes
• July 31, 2013 (12 noon ET) - Registration begins for programs and
applicants. ANOTHER FEE $50
• October 2, 2013 (12 noon ET) - Rank order list submission begins
for programs and applicants.
• November 13, 2013 (9:00 p.m. ET) - Deadline for registration and
ROL certification.
Applicants and programs must certify their rank order list by this
date and time.
• December 4, 2013 (12 noon ET) - Match Day
Filled and Unfilled results for individual programs posted to the Web.
Matched and Unmatched information on applicants posted to the Web.
Locations of all unfilled positions are released to applicants. Unmatched applicants may begin contacting
unfilled programs.
• December 5, 2013 - Programs begin sending letters of appointment to
matched applicants who then must sign and return the letters of appointment.
- Call Next Year’s Chiefs …