Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels
By Walter Dean Myers
Fallen Angels – Tracking
Characters: Richie Perry
• Main character, 17 yrs. old and just
out of high school
• From NYC and family doesn’t have
much money
• Has a brother (Kenny) and mother
• Smart enough to attend college, but
couldn’t afford it
• Dreams of being a writer
Peewee Gates
• From the Chicago ghettos
• Family didn’t have much money
• Likes the army because he has
what everyone else has
• Best friend to Richie
Lieutenant Carroll
• Platoon leader
• Does everything “by the book”
• Accessible to his platoon and willing
to listen
• Dark hair and calm eyes
Lieutenant Gearhart
• Replaces Lt. Carroll
• 25 or 26 years old
• From Delaware and was a
linebacker in high school
• Makes a major mistake while on
Lieutenant Dongan
• New sergeant for the platoon
replacing Sgt. Simpson
• “old” to the soldiers – in his 30s or
• Platoon believes he’s racist
because he puts Johnson in the
• A Polish kid with dimples who has
“more teeth than he needs”
• A member of Richie’s platoon
Tall and a “little pudgy”
Hair with curls like a perm
As tall as Richie and Jewish
Experiences prejudice for his
religion and his suspected sexual
• Obsessed with movies
Real last name is “Brewster”
Got into Theology school
Nicknamed “Rev. Brew” by the
Very scared
From Fort Dix
Good at imitating people
His father’s a colonel with a “game
plan” for Jenkins’ success
Black, tall, bigger than Richie
Strong, from Savannah, GA
Surprisingly sensitive
Refuses to believe Brew is dead
Sergeant Simpson
• Sergeant of the squad
• Black with a high voice
• Only has 120 days left in the army
and counting down
• sweet-faced Italian kid
• Always takes the dangerous
position as “point man” – slightly
braver than the rest
• Couldn’t decide if he should marry
his girlfriend
• Corporal, very ambitious
• Constantly kisses up to the higher
ranked soldiers
• Abuses those beneath him
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