LEAP 2014 Overview

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The Lead Enterprise Architect Program (LEAP) is a program targeted at developing
know-how and insight on core components of the Microsoft platform. The audience is
software architect at Microsoft partners and customers.
The core deliverables of LEAP are 5 master class training sessions and a journey to
Redmond together with the other LEAP participants. LEAP will cover the Microsoft
platform from a holistic point of view. The trip to Redmond will be in January. The
master classes are held monthly, starting in February and ending in June.
The program fee is 18.000 NOK excl. VAT. This includes all session, dinners and
selected tours. Flights and accommodations for the Redmond trip are not included in
the fee.
Deadline for applying is Friday, December 13th.
3 days
January 14-16
Travel & Hotel
Meetings with
Master Classes – Oslo
Five full-day sessions
January – June*
Software Architecture
Cloud computing
Software Quality, ALM and QA
Information architecture, search, data and analysis
Campus tours
Participants within LEAP should be architects or lead developers.
The trainings are optimized for persons with the following profiles:
Software architects or senior
software developers with experience
of adopting parts of the Microsoft
platform without a holistic view on it.
Senior software architects or senior
infrastructure architects with experience in
the adoption of competitive products and
technologies but with less experience on
the Microsoft platform.
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