Saturday School PP-Summary final

Stand Up & Rise Up: Saturday
School Academy
Grades 6th through 12th
Presented by: Dr. Karimah AdisaThomas
Dean of Middle Schools, Pupil Services
The goal for this pilot was to provide an
alternative to suspension using aspects of the
following models:
Mental Health/Wellness
 Behavioral Response to Intervention (BRTI)
 Restorative Practices (RP)
To assist students:
In the development of tools they may use to manage
their emotions/behavior
 In identifying their needs –
 In reframing how they and others see them through
their behaviors
 In their work towards effectively changing their
behavior in school and beyond
During Saturday School, students sit in Restorative Circles
and talk about relevant issues based upon their referral.
Although many students have some idea of the negative
effects of their behavior or substance use and abuse, it is
great when they can talk about it with their peers and
informed adults.
One student’s reflection about their Saturday School
experience stated, “I learned that alcohol can hurt
you…and other drugs can make you dependent on them.”
Another student wrote, “I learned you don’t always have to
be disrespectful.”
Another student wrote, “I learned to get to know people
more” and another wrote, “I learned how to think about my
Start date: February 15th, 2014
End date: April 26, 2014
Program duration: 12-weeks
Number of schools that participated: 10 –MS and 5– HS
Number of students referred: 57
Average student attendance per Saturday: 17
Number of students who failed to show: 17 (after calls to
Number of students referred more than once: 1
Stand Up & Rise Up Saturday School Academy
was open to all middle and high schools as an
alternative to suspension
Our capacity was 20-student per Saturday
Breakfast and mid morning snacks were provided
 Participating middle schools included: APG, ISA,
Everett, Paul Revere, Marina, Aptos, Rooftop,
MLK, Presidio, and Roosevelt
 Participating high school included: Mission,
SOTA, Wallenberg, Civic Center and Burton.
(2) teachers
(2) social workers
(1) security guard
(1) administrative assistant
(1) coordinator
Of the 17 students referred that did not attend
there were at least 3 parents who refused to send
their child to Saturday School and 11 stated their
child was going to attend but were a no show
 We were only able to leave a message regarding 3
students who were a no show with no response
 No shows were reported to the schools within one
week of a student’s failure to participate
Because Stand Up & Rise Up is an alternative to
suspension; a commonly accepted understanding needs to
be reached regarding nonattendance of students referred to
Saturday School.
If students do not attend the first time, it is recommended
that they are referred a second time. This may help to
increase the percentage of students who participate.
If the student fails to attend after the second referral the
school can offer a school site-based community service or
another restorative practice process or opt to suspend.
We are currently examining ways of gaining greater buy-in
from schools for Saturday School as a viable alternative to
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