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Our Topics Tonight
Alaska Performance Scholarship
Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Ed.
Alaska Teacher Loan/Scholarship
Winn-Brindle Memorial Ed. Loan
Western Undergraduate Exchange
UA Scholars Program
CRSD Graduation Requirements
Topics (continued)
College Testing
Dual Credit Opportunities
Scholarship Information
GPA & Class Rank
Career Cruising
Guidance & Counseling Website
CRSD Program of Studies
Alaska Performance Scholarship
What is it?
How can I qualify?
What is it?
• Coursework + Grades + Scores + FAFSA=$$$ to
be used for college or training in Alaska
• A Career/Technical Award can be earned with
a qualifying WorkKeys score instead of
ACT/SAT scores
How do I qualify?
• APS Level 1
• APS Level 2
• APS Level 3
• See Hand Out: Curriculum-GPA-Test Score
Plato Social Studies Options
Art History & Appreciation
Anthropology I and II
Archeology: Detectives of the Past
International Business
Law & Order
Intro to Philosophy
Personal Psychology I and II
Social Problems: A World in Crisis
Social Problems II
Sociology I and II
World Religions
How do I apply?
• It is easy; You fill out the Free Application For
Federal Student Aid (
• When do I do this? As soon as possible after
January 1 of your senior year.
How can I track my APS?
• Log in to the Alaska Student Aid Portal (ASAP)
to verify that ACPE has received your data.
• ACPE=Alaska Commission on Postsecondary
Education (
For further APS information:
• Alaska Commission on Postsecondary
• Provides information on education and
training beyond high school
Alaska Teacher Loan/Scholarship
• For students interested in becoming teachers
• Starts as a loan-up to $7500 per year
• Forgiveness Benefits: Teach in a rural district
in Alaska for up to 5 years and receive 100%
• Copper River School District receives 4
nomination slots each year
Winn-Brindle Memorial Education
• The Winn Brindle Loan provides funding to
cover educational expenses for students
enrolled in a fisheries-related field. Borrowers
may be eligible for up to 50% forgiveness of
their loan debt when they return to Alaska
and work in a qualifying fisheries-related field.
• A federal grant
• Can receive up to $4000/year
• Must teach at least 4 years in a low-income
student school
• Must teach in a high need field (math, science,
reading, special education, more)
• https://teach-ats.ed.go
• Western Undergraduate Exchange Program
• 15 western states that allow a student to
attend at 150% the cost of in-state tuition
• Check that your intended major qualifies
• Apply early
• An award given to the top 10% of the graduating
• Determined by class rank at the end of the junior
• If a student receives the award but chooses to go
out of state—it cannot be awarded to another
• If a student is not in the top 10%, but moves up
to the top 10% at the end of the senior year, we
can file a “Reconsideration of Eligibility”
UA Scholars Tie-Breaking Process
• 1-Number of +1 courses taken (rigor)
• 2-Core course GPA calcuation (English, Math,
Science, Social Studies)
• 3-HSGQE scores (sum total of all 3)
CRSD Graduation Requirements
• Page 7
College Testing
• PSAT-can be taken in sophomore year, but highly encourage in
junior year; given every October. Cost is approximately $14.
Register at your school office.
• SAT-typically taken in the spring of your junior year, but can be
taken earlier. Cost is approximately $50. Register online at
• ACT- typically taken in the spring of your junior year, but can be
taken earlier. Take as the ACT, or ACT Plus Writing. Cost is
approximately $35 for the regular ACT, and about $50 with writing.
Register online at
• Preparation:; Method Test Prep is an
online resource that can help you prepare for these tests!
Dual Credit Opportunities
• CRSD courses:
– Trigonometry=PWSCC Math 107 and 108; a total of 7 college
– AP English may result in college credit depending upon your AP
exam score (usually 3 or higher)
– Future Educators of Alaska-may earn 3 credits as a teacher aide
• Courses outside of the CRSD
– Must request approval for credit to be granted within the CRSD
(ex. PWSCC college English)
• Correspondence/online coursework
-Follow the same approval process for courses outside of
the CRSD (ex. BYU Independent Study Interior Design)
Scholarship Information
• Student Information: demographic
information, college/training program choices,
proposed areas of study, career goals,
cumulative GPA, class rank
• List of current classes; test scores (SAT, ACT)
• School Activities: list of each activity and years
of participation; include leadership positions
and accomplishments
Scholarship Information-continued
• Community Activities: list of activities, hours
volunteered, years of participation
• Work Experience: list of jobs, hours worked,
years of work
• Recognition and awards: list all awards, such
as Student of the Month (and year of award)
Scholarship Information-continued
• Develop a Budget
• School name and a list all costs
• Resources: List your savings, expected
scholarships, parent contributions
GPA & Class Rank Calculation
Weighted courses: Plus 1 point
Trig and higher math (calculus)
AP English
College English
• Determined after the 8th semester
• Based upon cumulative GPA
• Honors: Cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher (wear
Honor cords at graduation)
• National Honor Society (wear gold stole)
Career Cruising
• Username: crsd-student
• Password: student1
Guidance & Counseling Website
Scholarships by grade level
Summer programs
Summer jobs
SAT/ACT testing information
A variety of sources of information to help students
• Under Departments-Guidance & Counseling tab
• Check it out often!!
Program of Studies
• A document with extensive information about
the Copper River School District’s course
offerings, schedule changes, withdrawing from
a class, non-district courses, Honor Roll, and
•; click on Students & Parents tab;
in the lower left-hand corner under Other
Links=Program of Studies
• And life beyond…..My goal is to help you, and
your student, be prepared.
• Thank you for coming tonight!
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