Helpful Graduation Tips

Helpful Graduation Tips
The graduates' guide to a successful graduation day
• Try to arrive at an least hour early for graduation
• Be familiar with designated parking areas
• Check UM commencement website for parking info in advance
• Carpooling is highly recommended
• Shuttles are available for guests with special needs
• Call 662-915-7235 for assistance.
Convocation Details
The processional starts promptly at 9:00. Report to your Academic School’s designated
location by 8:30 a.m.
Accountancy — Lamar (Old Law School)
Applied Sciences — Farley Hall
Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) — Natural Products Center/Thad
Cochran Research Center
Business — Union Plaza
Doctoral Candidates — Faser Hall
Education — Natural Products Center/Thad Cochran Research Center
Engineering — Lamar (Old Law School)
Journalism — Farley Hall
Law — E. F. Yerby Center
Liberal Arts — Ventress Hall
Pharmacy — E. F. Yerby Center
Check UM commencement website for the school map
Attire Advice
Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to maneuver in
Secure your cap with pins
Wear attire with pockets (to carry keys, phone & camera)
Leave wallet or purse inside of the car or with your guest
Check the weather so you can dress and prepare accordingly
Wear something sleek (so your clothes will wear
comfortably under the robe)
Restroom Access
Be sure to visit the restroom BEFORE coming to the Manning Center if at all possible and tell your
guests to do the same. The lines can become long outside the facilities.
Buildings open for Restrooms:
Faser Hall
Carrier Hall
Student Union
Shoemaker Hall
Coulter Hall
Brevard Hall
Hume Hall
Farley Hall
Track Concession:
Building (near Manning Center)
• Undergrad students’ tassels should correspond to the students’
area of study
• Undergrad tassels are worn on the right initially. Change them
to the left after walking across the stage to receive your diploma
cover (or you will be prompted when to change your tassel)
• Graduate students wear their tassels to the left throughout
• See commencement website for the list of tassel colors
Things To Remember
• Make sure you have your name card/reader card with you
Write your e-mail address on the BACK of your name/reader card so the photographer can
send your proofs electronically. Reader cards are distributed at ceremony venues/facilities
• Carry your name/reader card with you when it’s your turn to walk across the
stage. It’s the only way anyone will know who you are. Graduate’s names are
NOT read from a list.
• Don’t forget to return your gown
There will be a covered truck for depositing your caps and gowns as you exit the ceremony facility
We wish the best in all of your future endeavors
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