My family and my hobby

My family and my hobby
My family
 In my family there are four people. There are : mum , dad,
my little brother and me. My family is very happy because
we all love and respect each other. I am the eldest child.
My brother is the youngest. My name is Iliyas. I am 13, my
brother is 10.I study in Nazarbayev Intellectual School in
Kokshetau. My brother’s name is Miras. Miras studies in
Nazarbayev Intellectual School too.I study in the 7th Grade
, Miras studies in the 4th Grade.My eyes are brown and I am
dark- skinned. I am a middle-height boy. I have got many
friends. My adress is Kokshetau, Zhenis Street , 33th house.
My mother and father.
My father’s name is Rysbek. Dad is 41. He is tall and fair-skinned. His
eyes are brown. My mother’s name is Zhanar . Mum is 34.Her eyes are
brown too. My mom is fair-skinned and of medium height. My parents
are bisnessmen. I love them because they are my parents.
My hobby.
 My hobbies are different, such as collecting coins and
buying books( Harry Potter ).