Going Paperless: Using Google Drive with Research

Or, Google is the BOMB!
 Megan
 Waxahachie High School
 Librarian 10-12
 Caroline
 Waxahachie HS
 English 10th grade
 Pre-Ap and Regular
 Stephanie
 Waxahachie HS
 English Gr. 10
 AP
 Hailee
 Waxahachie HS
 English Gr. 11
 Regular Students
 1400
students grades 10-12
 Economically disadvantaged
 1 iPad cart (iPad 1’s)
 Outdated laptops
 3 computer labs housed in the library
 In
2013, WISD became a GAFE district.
 High School students were issued Google accounts in
Fall 2013.
 Spring 2014, ALL sophomore English classes and 6 Jr.
English classes went paperless! (Yeah!!)
computer labs
 VDI computers (virtual)
be accessed from home, device, school
Automatically saves work
Compatible with Office
Share documents-great for group work!
Easy to work with
No paper!!!
 http://chuchlaenglish.weebly.com/uploads/5/0/5/8/505
 “Google
is the future-why pay for space?”
 “100% of my students turned in their essay”
 “There was something to grade for all of my studentseven if they only did the rough draft, at least I could see
 “When the network went down, I didn’t lose my DBQ”
 “I can work on my essay from my phone-Google is the
way to go.”
 http://goo.gl/rtnmuN
 Presentation
created by our teachers for other
teachers in WISD.
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