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Basic principles for marketing of Falu Rödfärg
In this document “Falu Rödfärg” refers to the trademark FALU RÖDFÄRG and Falu Rödfärg is not used in the
meaning of Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB.
On one hand the trademark Falu Rödfärg consists of the figure mark (the logotype) where Falu Rödfärg is
written in a graphic house gable, on the other hand the wordmark “FALU RÖDFÄRG”. We are here dealing
with the basic principles that always must be followed when marketing the trademark Falu Rödfärg, towards end
users and wholesalers and retailers as well.
The wordmark
Falu Rödfärg must always be written with initial capital letters, i.e. with a capital F and a capital R. Exception: If
the text is written with capital letters, also Falu Rödfärg may be written with capital letters.
Falu Rödfärg must not be designated with the prefix "Genuin".
A new product name (including a trademark) must not be created by means of using the wordmark in
combination with another trademark or trade name.
Falu Rödfärg can be used with the subsequent ® for a registered trademark.
Example: Falu Rödfärg®. This should, however, not be done in running texts.
The logotype
The logotype Falu Rödfärg must not in any way be distorted in its shape. The logotype original that Stora
Kopparbergs Bergslags AB provides should be used.
The logotype may only be reproduced in three different designs: Colour, black (positive) or white (negative).
When the logotype is used in black or in white, the entire logotype, i.e. letters and the graphic house gable as
well, should have the same colour. When the logotype is used in colour the basic principle is to have a red house
gable (see the colour information) and black letters. If it is required for the sake of clarity/readability the red
house gable may be combined with white letters.
CMYK 40 %, 90 %, 100 %, 0 %
Red colour:
PMS 484
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