NORDIC TRUSTEE To the bondholders in: ISIN

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To the bondholders in:
ISIN: N00010665367 -FRN Otium AS Senior Unsecured Bond Issue 2012/2015
Oslo, 7 January 2015
Information regarding interest payment due 31 December 2014
Nordic Trustee ASA is appointed as bond trustee (the “Bond Trustee”) for the above mentioned bond
issue. All capitalised terms used herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in the bond
agreement dated 17 December 2012, as amended and restated from time to time (the “Bond
The Issuer was not in a position to meet the interest payment due 31 December 2014 on the above
mentioned bond issue. The Bond Trustee is informed by the Paying Agent that payment of interest
due 31 December 2014 will be made 8 January 2015.
Further, the Issuer is liable to pay late payment interest on the unpaid amount from the due date of 31
December 2014 and until 8 January 2015 pursuant clause 11.5 in the Bond Agreement.
On 8 January 2015, the Bondholders will accordingly receive an amount equivalent to the interest
amount due 31 December 2014 plus interest on late payment.
Yours sincerely
Nordic Trustee ASA
Morten S. Bredesen
PO Box 1470 Vika, N-0116 Oslo, Haakon Vlls gate 1. Oslo