Retract your submission

Retracting a DISCOVR-E
Points to Remember
You would choose to retract a submission if you wish to make
additional edits, or if you wish to delete the submission all together.
You can only retract submissions that have not been formally
submitted to the IRB.
If you retract a submission, when you are ready to resubmit, it will be
routed to all designated signatories again for signature(s).
If you are revising information on the “Signatories” page, you should
delete everyone previously selected on this page and begin your
selections again to ensure the submission routes appropriately for
Log into DISCOVR-E from the main page of our
Click on the link and
enter your VUnetID and
password when
From the E-Submissions Page, you should be able to locate your
submission from the “Submissions in Route” region.
Select the “Retract”
button to place your
submission in draft.
You will see a
message at the
top of the page
that indicates
the submission
is now in Draft.
Your submission should now
be located within the “Draft
Submissions” region.
If you want to delete
the submission,
simply click the
“Delete” button
beside the
submission that you
wish to remove.
Select the “Edit” button if you
need to revise any
information within your
If you are editing your submission,
use the tabs outlined in red text to
move to the appropriate section
within your submission.
After making your edits,
select the “Next” button
to save your changes
and to advance you to
the “Submission
Summary” page.
Verify your revised information from the Submission Summary
page to make sure your edits have been applied and to make
sure that you are ready to route again for signature(s).
From the “Submission
Summary” page, route your
submission as directed.
Your submission can again
be tracked from the
“Submissions in Route”