Means of communication

Means of communication
Galitskikh Liza
All of us know about means of
More means of communication:
Paper came from China, in
the second century BC.
The oldest piece of paper in
the world is made from hemp.
The archaeologists found it
in a tomb near Xian, in
China. They think the
Chinese made it between 140
and 87 BC.
February 14, 1876 was a day that changed the history of
communication forever. On that day a tall
Scotsman, Alexander Graham Bell walked into the
New York patent office. He was carrying the
drawing of his invention. The invention was able to
transmit the sound of the voice by wire over long
The first real telephone call was on March 6, 1876, when
Bell, in one room, called to his assistant in another room.
“Come here, Watson, I want you.’’ Watson Heard Bell
through a receiver which Bell had connected to the
After that Bell started his famous company: the
Bell Telephone Company. The new invention
quickly became popular. A month after Bell
invented the telephone, his telephone company had
sold only six phones! A year and a half later they
had sold 778 telephones. Fifteen years after the
invention there were five million phones in America.
The word “telegraph” comes from Greek and means “to write far”.In
other words, it is a communication system transmits signals.
In 1835 a professor of arts and design at New York University,
Samuel Morse, developed telegraph wires. He also invented
Morse code, an electronic alphabet. With the help of that
alphabet it was possible to code the letters and sings of a language.
Morse gave a public demonstration of his invention in 1838, but it
took five more years to get the money for the first experimental
telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore.
Answer TRUE or FALSE.
Paper came from Turkey.
Samuel Morse invented the electronic alphabet.
The archaeologists found the oldest piece of paper in a
tomb. TRUE
February 14,1876 was the day when Rowland Hill
invented the first stamp. FALSE
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