Vocabulary Words from “The Cask of Amontillado”

Vocabulary Words from
“The Cask of Amontillado”
Using your vocabulary list,
spell each word as it is called
Now, check your spelling. Write the
correct spelling for any of the words
that you missed.
1. Impunity
2. Accost
3. Explicit
4. Implore
5. Obstinate
Copy the definition and part of speech for
the words.
 Impunity noun freedom from
punishment, harm or bad consequences
 Accost verb to aggressively approach and
speak to
 Explicit adjective clearly stated or
 Implore verb to beg or ask pleadingly
 Obstinate adjective fixed in an opinion
despite persuasion; stubborn
Vocabulary Activity
 Working with a partner or in a group of three,
create an instructional visual for one of the
words from the story.
 Your visual should include the following:
The word presented prominently
A clear definition—see a teacher if you
need help with the dictionary meanings
The word’s part of speech
A high-school level sentence using the word
A picture or drawing representing the word
or the sentence
Use each of these words in a high-school
appropriate sentence; begin each sentence
with one of the following words:
 Although
 Whenever
 Certainly
 Wherever
 Because
 Since
While we were in Italy, my family toured famous
catacombs that were damp and creepy, like in a scary
Words for this activity:
(Words for your vocabulary test are underlined.)
already done!