Making Your Mark Through Effective Persuasion

Making Your Mark Through
Effective Persuasion-2014
September 2-Birth of Persuasion
• Update your agendas and clear off your desk
except for a pencil.
• What makes an effective argument?—Talk at
your tables.
• Birth of Persuasion– Guided Notes and PowerPoint
– First part of Media Smart CD-Persuasive
Techniques in Commercials
September 3—Examples of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Ads
• Update your agenda.
• Foldable Notes on Ethos, Pathos, and Logos-see materials on
your tables—You have 20 minutes to finish this. HW—if not
done. Directions are on the blog. Don’t ask questions. See my
• Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Advertisements--As we go through
the examples of advertisements, you’ll work with your peers at
the table to identify examples of ethos, pathos, and logos.
• HW--Find an example of ethos, pathos, or logos. This can be an
advertisement, a part of a book, a speech, a TV/movie clip,
etc. If possible, include a link to or a copy of the example. If it
isn't possible, write a couple of sentences describing the
example. Then, write a paragraph explaining how the example
illustrates ethos, pathos, or logos. Due Friday at the start of
September 3
• Foldable Directions• Fold the paper in 3rds
• Cut the flaps on the top so that you have 3
• On the outside of the flaps,
– Write Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
– Write large but don’t take up all of the space.
– Add an illustration to help you remember the
definition of each
September 3—
Foldable Directions
• Ethos—
-Credibility of author
-Build by using strong
resources, credible experts, being
honest and not exaggerating
-Experts are from wellrespected universities or have
experience in the field
-Addresses the other side of
the issue
-Emotion-positive and negative
-Touches the heart of the audience
-Builds interest
-Be careful to not use too much
pathos in an argument
-Keeps the argument from being
-Statistics, expert opinions,
anecdotes, stories, facts
-The basis of any argument
-Keeps the argument from being
too emotional
-Can’t have ethos without logos
September 4—You try…
• Update Your Agenda-clear off your desk
• Putting What You’ve Learned Into Practice
– Video Clip
– Work, with partners that I assign randomly, to create
short skits like the ones illustrated in the video
example. Write the texts. We’ll share these a couple
a day for the next week.
• Ideas—
– Convince a child to so something.
– Sell something silly—sneakers for a pet parakeet
September 5—Argument Vocabulary
• Update your agenda. Get out your
• Skits
• Persuasion Vocabulary
– Anticipation Guide
• Complete the left side of the page alone.
• We’ll go over the correct answers.
– Study Strategy
• You choose: note cards, 2 column notes, or foldable 2
column notes
September 8--Identifying Vocabulary
in Writing
• Update your agenda—start reading page 141 in
the brown book
• Skits
• Identifying Persuasive Elements in Writings
– We’ll do “Say ‘Yes!’ to Skating” page 141 WAG
• Study Guide—continue working on you study
guide adding to your study guide from your
notes: Birth of Persuasion, Ethos/Pathos/Logos,
and vocabulary
September 9-Identifying Vocabulary in
• Update your agenda, get out a pencil and a
yellow text book off the cart by the door.
• Skits
• Identifying Persuasive Elements in Writings
– You and a partner will complete “Keep Your Dog on a
Leash” page 919 Yellow Text
Continue adding to your study guide or studying for
Thursday’s test on persuasion/argument.
September 10
• Update your agenda.
• Get out a piece of
paper, a pencil, and
your anticipation
• Review for Test
• Practice Writing Elements
• On white boards.
Opposing Viewpoint
Call to Action/Agreement
Period 1
– Claim/Thesis—People should buy a wig because it
looks natural, it helps build confidence, and it
allows the wearers to express different sides of
their personalities.
– Opposing Viewpoint—Although the wig looks
natural, it is actually French nylon, a synthetic
material that 46% of the puppet population is
allergic to.
– Rebuttal/Counterargument—Even though 46% of
the puppet population is allergic to the French
nylon used in the original wig models, the new
wigs use Spanish nylon which is hypoallergenic, so
no puppets are allergic to the wigs.
– Call to Action/Agreement—Consider the benefits of
wearing a wig and call 1-800-WIGS-RUS today.
– Ethos—Dr. Wiggins, a well-respected professor of
puppet psychology at Harvard University, has found
that puppets who change wigs to represent different
aspects of their personalities are 96% happier than
puppets with no wigs.
– Pathos—An article in last week’s Sesame Street Times,
told a story of an aging puppet who had recently lost
his job due to depression. When interviewed, he
explained that his loss of hair caused him to lose selfconfidence and become depressed.
– Logos—Because of the change to Spanish nylon, 100%
of puppets can wear these fashionable wigs.
Period 2
– Claim/Thesis—Puppets should wear wigs because
wigs allow puppets to look more attractive, feel
better about themselves, and express themselves.
– Opposing Viewpoint—Although some puppets are
happy with the amount of hair that they have,
wigs may help them look even more attractive.
– Rebuttal/Counterargument-- Although some
puppets are happy with the amount of hair that
they have, wigs may help them look even more
– Call to Action/Agreement—Buy a wig today and
see what a difference it makes in your life.
Period 2
– Ethos—According to Dr. Wigman of Harvard
University, 96% of puppets are worried about what
other puppets think of them.
– Pathos—Many desperate puppets can’t afford to
purchase a wig for themselves, so Wigs Ahoy donates
$5.oo from every sale to the Wigs for the Needy
– Logos-“Wigs for puppets are amazing. I have been
wearing one for years,” says Miss Piggy, a Muppet
– According to Dr. Wigman of Harvard University, 96%
of puppets are worried about what other puppets
think of them.
Period 3
– Claim/Thesis—Puppets with little or no hair should purchase
wigs because wigs come in many realistic styles,
complement the wearers’ facial features, and look good on
– Opposing Viewpoint—Some puppets claim that wigs look
fake; however, wigs purchased at Wigs R Us are made from
French nylon and can pass for real hair.
– Rebuttal/Counterargument—Some puppets claim that wigs
look fake; however, wigs purchased at Wigs R Us are made
from French nylon and can pass for real hair.
– Call to Action/Agreement–
• Buy wigs from Grover because they will complement you in every
• Go buy a Wigs R Us wig today. You won’t be sorry.
Period 3
– Ethos–
• According to Grover, a world-class wig stylist, wigs by Wigs R
Us are the best.
• Professor Watersworth, a teacher at Hollywood’s most
prestigious cosmetic school, says that wigs by Wigs R Us
come in most comfortable styles and best colors.
– Pathos– Young puppets suffering from cancer are very excited
when Grover visits with free wigs from Wigs R Us because they
are able to feel normal again after their chemotherapy
– Logos—
• 96% of puppets that wear wigs from Wigs R Us are satisfied
with the outcome.
• Nine out of ten puppets couldn’t identify the puppet in a wig
by Wigs R Us in a field test.
September 11
• Update your agenda
and clear off your desk
except for a pencil.
• Persuasion Test—
– Put your first and last
name, date, period, and
argu test (subject) on the
– When you finish, put the
scantron and the test in
two piles where you turn
work in.
• Select one of the
following photographs
to write a story about.
• Or, you may start your
• You must write until the
end of the class period.
September 12—Compound Sentences
• Update your agenda.
• Mentor Sentences #6
• Mini-Lesson on Compound Sentences
– Concept Attainment—Next 2 Slides
– White Board Diagramming Compound
Sentences—See slide on diagramming compound
– Exit Slip
September 12—What do you notice
about the following group of words?
• the movie started late
• my friend is Sally
• we ran the 5K on
• the roses smelled sweet
• the beach was warm
and sunny
• at the game
• swam 30 laps
• singing in the choir
September 12—Simple Sentences vs
Compound Sentences—What do you
Simple Sentences
• The man mowed the
overgrown yard.
• My mom cooked dinner and
cleaned up, too.
• We went to the game but
forgot sunscreen.
• They were happy floating in
the ocean.
Compound Sentences
• The man mowed the
overgrown yard, but he
didn’t edge it.
• John bought Sunny roses,
and he sent them to school.
• Suzie, the dog, cried at the
door, so Tom let her out.
September 12—Diagramming
Compound Sentences
• Bob plays the piano, and Sarah plays the
September 12—Diagramming
Compound Sentences
• Simon wrote the story, but Ted read it.
September 12—Diagramming
Compound Sentences
• The tall buildings trembled, and the land
September 12—Diagramming
Compound Sentences
• Amy can plant her seeds now, or she can plant
them in October.
September 12—
Exit Slip
• Number the paper I give
you 1-5
• Write SS for Simple
Sentence of CD for
Compound Sentence
• 1. Jackie danced at the
recital and received an
• 2. After the long game,
Sam was hot and sweaty,
so he took a shower.
• 3. Finally, the storm
ended, and the sun came
• 4. James mowed the
lawn, raked the leaves
and bagged the clipping.
• 5. They were happy but
did not tell me why.
September 22-23—Caine’s Arcade
• Update your agenda.
• Quickly review the persuasion vocabulary from before break.
• View Caine’s Arcade-
• Either alone or in pairs, create a print ad that would advertise the
Correct Mechanics and Spelling
Think about the audience when designing your ad.
On the back, write a short paragraph explaining how your
advertisement is an example of a good piece of persuasion.
September 24-25—Drafting Persuasive
• Possible Topics
– Caine’s Arcade is closing, write his dad a letter
persuading him to let Caine keep it open.
– Persuasive letter to Santa
– Create a holiday and write a persuasive letter
convincing the government to make it official
September 26, 29, and 30--Typing
• We will be in the computer lab typing the final
copies of your persuasive papers.
• Type your first draft.
• Let a peer read your paper and offer suggestions.
• Finish your final copy. Pay close attention to
punctuating compound sentences with commas
and FANBOYS and commas after intro. phrases.
• Print TWO copies—Give me one copy and you
keep one copy. You need your copy in class the
rest of the week.
October 1, 2, and 3—Sharing
Persuasive Papers
• Update your agenda
• Everyone will read his/her paper in front of
the class.
• Remember, to breath, talk slower than you
think you need to, and talk loud enough to
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