Daily Grammar
Monday, September 29, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. What shun we have brung two hare at the picknick?
2. Scientists founded an unique fosil in the hilss near bismarck
north dakota.
Write the contraction for these two words.
3.we are ________
Circle the best work to complete this sentence.
4. Those boots belong to Luisa. They are _____.
Her hers
Is the tense of this sentence past, present, or future?
5. If we save our money, we'll be able to buy new bikes.
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. Will the mechanic finish repair my car by 5:00 ask mr. grogan.
2. I dont no replied the manager the brake linings need to be
Underline the independent clause in this sentence.
3. Before I do my homework, I always take my dog for a walk.
Write the base word of this word.
4. machinery
Underline the prepositional phrase in this sentence.
5. She got the silver necklace from her aunt and uncle.
Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. My brother Michael who goes to upland state university want to be a
2. The battle of the alamo began on february 23 1836 in san antonio
Circle the direct object and underline the indirect object in this
3. The principal handed a prize to Libby at the honors ceremony.
Write the plural form of each noun.
4. hero
5. calf
Thursday October 2, 2014
Write these sentences correctly.
1. Look them boys is taking the apples from our tree agin shouted Lily.
2. This device which is called a counting scale tell you how much small
items are in a pile
Circle the complete subject and underline the complete predicate in
this sentence.
3. A key to the garage is under the red flowerpot in the garden.
What is the subject of this sentence?
4. Have a glass of juice before leaving, OK?
Circle the best auxiliary verbs to complete this sentence
5. Linda _____ reading all of The Chronicles of Narnia since June.
Have been
is been
has been
is being
Friday, October 3, 2014
Write the simple subject and the simple predicate in each
1. Ripe, juicy strawberries are my favorite kind of fruit.
2. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was written by Mark
Twain in 1876.
3. Adam, who is now my best friend, moved into our
neighborhood last year.
4. One person in the audience coughed throughout the
entire performance.
5. In the Atlantic Ocean, hurricanes are most common
between June and September.