Branded - Honeywell

Honeywell Brand Strategy and
Visual Identity System
Training Session
Spring 2005
• The Power of Brand
• The Honeywell Brand Strategy
• Brand Architecture
• Brand Management
• Brand Ambassadors
• Additional Resources
• Questions
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The Power of Brand
• Brand = Total Honeywell Experience
- Foundation of corporate image and reputation
- Instills sense of pride in employees and attracts new talent
- Attracts new customers and retains existing ones
- Communities welcome companies with positive brands
- Investors reward those with respected brands
• Brand is how people think/feel/respond when they
hear or see Honeywell
Brand = Total Honeywell Experience
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Our Brand Promise
We are building a world that’s safer and more secure...
More comfortable and energy efficient…
More innovative and productive.
We are Honeywell.
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The Honeywell Brand Strategy
• Modified Master Brand Strategy
- Nearly 250 non-Honeywell brands existed in 2003
 $4.6 Billion in Revenue
- 200+ brands transitioned under Honeywell Master Brand
 Brand logos eliminated
- Created unified communications media to ensure consistent
theme, style and appearance across corporation
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Brand Architecture
• Honeywell supports a variety of sub-brands, product
brands and services brands
• Standalone Brands
• Endorsed Brands
– Co-branded with the Honeywell name
Aftermarket Only
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Brand Management
• Honeywell’s name and logotype are valuable assets
and the most visible symbols of our company. By
using them correctly, we continue to build and
protect Honeywell’s master brand
- Standardizing Honeywell’s collateral helps our customers
recognize and focus on our brand
- A well-executed Identity System unifies Honeywell’s diverse
- Aligning internal standards with other Honeywell strategies,
initiatives and programs builds and strengthens the
connection between Honeywell and its employees
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The Honeywell Logo
• Logotype Integrity
- Never alter the logo in any way
 No drop shadows, Word Art distortion or stylized treatments
- Don’t attempt to recreate the logo with a standard typeface
 The Honeywell logotype is a custom piece of artwork that cannot be
replicated with individual font characters
- Never use the logotype in a sentence, headline or as part of
a phrase
 Instead, use the word “Honeywell” in the same font as the other
words in the sentence, headline or phrase
- Always reproduce the logo in Honeywell Red
 Black may be used in a one-color documents
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The Honeywell Logo
• There are only three approved ways to use the
Honeywell logotype
- Freestanding logotype
- Logotype with rule
- Logotype in bar
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Freestanding Logotype
• Freestanding Logotype Standards
- A clear zone, known as the control field, must always
surround the freestanding logotype
- No graphic elements of any kind should intrude into this
- The width of the control field is determined by a measure
equal to the height of the capital H in any size of logotype
- The freestanding logo can be placed anywhere on a
document, as long as the control field is unobstructed
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Logotype with Rule
• Logotype With Rule Standards
- Graphics and type must be at least an H-height distance
from the rule and Honeywell logotype. An H-height is defined
as the height of the "H" in the Honeywell logotype.
- “Honeywell” should always be right justified
- Photos, illustration and color may not join directly with the
Control Field
or Clear Zone
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Logotype in Bar
• Logotype In Bar Standards
- The bar must be reproduced in Honeywell Red
 Black may be used in one-color materials only
 The logotype in bar is always positioned at the top of the page
- The logotype within the bar must be reversed in white only
 Honeywell logo should always be right justified
 No other text should be placed in the red bar
- A "clear zone" (or control field) equal to the height of the "H"
in Honeywell must be maintained from the bottom of the bar
in all circumstances
 No headlines, product or business unit names, or other copy may
intrude on this clear zone
 Photographs and background colors may adjoin bottom of bar
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Honeywell Nomenclature
• Legal name
- Honeywell International Inc.
 No comma after the word "International”
 Full company name is used only where specifically required in
contracts and other legal documents
 In normal day-to-day written and verbal communications, the
company should be referred to simply as "Honeywell”
• Business Units and Business Enterprises
- May be referred to as a "business unit," "business" or
 Honeywell does not use the terms "division" or "sector”
 "Honeywell" is part of some business unit names. Do not attach the
name "Honeywell" to business units where it is not a formal part of the
 Spell out name in first reference. May be abbreviated in subsequent
references, using approved abbreviations
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Honeywell Nomenclature
• Product names
- Naming conventions - Preferred method
 Honeywell + Generic Product Name
• Example - Honeywell Extranet Data Manager
- When it is necessary to specify a product or service brand,
family or model in addition to the generic product name
 Honeywell + Brand/Family/Model + Generic Product Name
• Example - Honeywell Aclar Barrier Film
• Example - Honeywell Bendix/King RDR 2100
- Product name on packaging and trade show graphics will be
in Helvetica. The font may be bolded, but not italicized.
 Exceptions may be made for retail products
- The Honeywell logo may not be used in the product name
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Global Arc
• The Global Arc is a graphic element used to unify
Honeywell communications
- Unique look is instantly recognized as Honeywell
- Used to structure layout and help integrate photos in
multiple mediums
 Gives all Honeywell images a proprietary cropping
- Reinforces Honeywell’s global perspective and unique
vantage point
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Global Arc
• Standards for Global Arc
- Horizontal orientation (never vertical)
- Bleeds off left and right margins
- Images always cropped above the arc
- Headlines and copy below the arc
- Arc height is adjustable
8.5x11 Layouts
Image Area
No Text
A4 Layouts
This line is the Global Arc
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Color Palettes
• Primary Color Palette
• Additional Color Palettes
UWS palette
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• Type is a powerful brand tool
- Creates a consistent and credible brand style
• Helvetica has been chosen as Honeywell’s collateral
- For simplicity, we only use select weights of Helvetica
- For internal presentations Arial may substituted
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Marketing Materials
• What has changed?
- Advertising
- Literature
 Brochures
 Price Books/Catalogs
 Recruitment collateral
 Technical/Informational documents
- Trade show graphics
- Product packaging
- Promotional items
- Vehicle identification
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• Advertising Standards
- Across the entire corporation, Honeywell advertising now
has a common look and feel
- Trade advertising can be developed in partnership with
D Prime agency
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• Literature Standards
- Features Global Arc on front cover
- Detailed specifications and easy-to-use templates will
provide a consistent look to all Honeywell literature
 A PDF of specifications and various Quark templates can be
downloaded from the Brand Management Website
- Design options work well in brochure racks
Back Cover
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Recruitment Collateral
• Recruitment Collateral Standards
- All recruitment collateral will follow the same format as
external marketing pieces, including:
 Advertising
 Billboards
 Brochures
 Direct mail pieces
 Folders
 Posters
 Trade show graphics
 Web applications
See Details on Brand Management Website
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Trade Show Graphics
• Trade Show Graphic Standards
- Trade show graphics utilize the Global Arc
- Minimum copy used on trade show graphics
 Use high-impact photographs in image area
- To unify the trade show exhibit or stand, electronic
presentations mirror printed trade show graphics
- Specifications and templates can be download from the
Brand Management website
30”X 40”
40”X 60”
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Brand Compliance
• Review For Brand Compliance
- To ensure brand compliance, Honeywell has enlisted
D Prime, our advertising agency to review new collateral
- Compliance requirements and instruction are posted on the
Brand Management website
 Adjust timelines to accommodate compliance review
• D Prime will be available on an on-going basis to
answer questions about the new standards
- D Prime is not responsible for proofreading content
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Product Packaging
• Product Packaging Standards
- New standards are flexible enough to meet requirements of
various business units and wide variety of products
- Honeywell logo prominent on packaging
- New product naming convention must be followed
- Some exceptions may be made for consumer retail channels
See Details on Brand Management Website
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Promotional Items
• Promotional Items Standards (Internal and External)
- Promotional items (giveaways) should be customized with
the Honeywell logotype ONLY
 Use red freestanding logotype, if color is an option. Black, if it is not.
 All rules regarding the Honeywell logotype must be followed
- No other logo or icon is permitted
- Apparel items may have additional customization, the
product or product family name may be used as a second
imprint in another area. No logos are permitted.
 The second imprint:
• Must not interfere with control field of the Honeywell logotype
• Must be in Helvetica font, preferably in black
• Must not be larger than the Honeywell logotype
• Should be a product or product family names, preferably not an event, team
name or business unit
- Promotional items compliant with Identity Standards may be
ordered from Corporate Express
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Vehicle Identification
• Vehicle Identification Standards
- New standards are in place for company owned vehicles
 Standards apply to all Honeywell vehicles purchased or leased after
April 1, 2004
- Only approved business names may be used
- URL will appear on all vehicles
• See the Brand Management website for details
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Internal Communications
• What has changed?
- Internal logos
- Naming guidelines
- PowerPoint
- Organization Announcements
- Internal newsletters
- Internal posters
- E-mail guidelines
- Business cards/stationery
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Internal Logos
• No new logos, graphic symbols or other graphic
element for business units, departments, initiatives,
programs, teams, internal campaigns or
presentations will be allowed
- Honeywell does not anticipate granting further exceptions to
the graphic symbols and logos standards
• Why?
- Logos compete for attention and detract from the Honeywell
logotype, which is our company’s primary identifier
- Developing and reproducing internal logos consumes
valuable company resources
- The proliferation of a large number of unrelated logos create
a disjointed image and runs counter to the sense of brand
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Internal Logos
• What is a logo?
An identifying symbol, statement, graphic element,
or words written in a stylized font that defines a
product, service, place or organization.
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Naming Standards
• Naming Standards
- Always remember the name “Honeywell” is the primary
identifier for Honeywell Master Brand organizations and
- Choose organization and program names that:
 Are simple, clear and descriptive
 Reflect the audience and describe the program or entity
 Will be meaningful to the intended global audience
- Don’t use the word “Honeywell” as part of an internal name
except when:
 It’s necessary to avoid confusion with an external entity or program
with a similar name
• Honeywell Travel Services
• Honeywell Help Desk
 The possessive form “Honeywell’s” will work equally well, such as
“Honeywell’s Service Award Program,” “Honeywell’s Five Initiatives,”
or “Honeywell’s Annual Operating Plan”
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Naming Guidelines
- Avoid acronyms and other abbreviations
 They are often vague and confusing
 Never choose a name just because it produces an appealing
abbreviation or acronym
- Don’t invent words or phrases, use poor grammar or
unconventional capitalization
- Don’t brand internal programs or entities with unique names
Choose Simple, Descriptive Names
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• PowerPoint Standards
- The Honeywell logotype with red rule appears on the top of
each interior slide
- Standard white background make data easy to read
- Use the correct font (Arial) and the correct font size for each
line of copy or level of bullets
- 2-up and 4-up templates use smaller fonts
- Do not resize font to include more text
- The optional "Walk-Away Message" may be used at the
bottom of each slide
- The Walk-Away-Message may be white text in a red box or
simply red text
- Include “Honeywell Confidential” notice when necessary
- Additional PowerPoint templates are available for satellite
broadcast and rear screen projection
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• Template Examples
2-Up Example Slide
Cover Slide
Text Slide
4-Up Example Slide
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Organization Announcements
• Organization Announcements
- Template available for download
- For organization announcements sent via e-mail, use the
printed template without the red bar header attached
- Review all announcements with the appropriate Human
Resources and Internal Communications staff members
before sending
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Internal Newsletters
• Internal Newsletters Standards
- Standardization ensures global consistency company-wide
- Standards allows flexibility to create publications that
further business objectives and meet employee audience
- Customizable templates in SBG-specific color
Corporate - GBS - Multi-Business Newsletters
Automation and Control Solutions
Specialty Materials
Transportation Systems
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Internal Newsletters
• Internal Newsletters Standards
- Titles to be short and descriptive
- Honeywell-standard newsletter nameplate at the top of the
newsletter’s front page
 Nameplate template can be downloaded and customized with an
approved SBG color and an appropriate image
• Templates are available in Microsoft PowerPoint and Quark. An Adobe
PhotoShop file and HTML version are also available
 No other logos, typefaces or stylized fonts may be used
 Editors determine body copy layout of the newsletter
• No clip art
 Copyrighted material may not be used without the permission of the
copyright holder
 All newsletters must carry the following footer language:
© (Year). All rights reserved. (Newsletter name) is produced for
internal use only and not for distribution outside the company
- Contact Internal Communications leader for guidance and
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Internal Posters
• Internal Poster Standards
- Posters for Honeywell bulletin boards should be simple,
easy to read and understand, and consistent in appearance,
style and tone with other internal communications materials
- Poster templates available in Microsoft PowerPoint
 Available in 2 sizes, and both, vertical and horizontal
 Posters are color-code on the bottom by SBG
Automation and Control Solutions
Specialty Materials
Transportation Systems
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Internal Posters
• General guidelines for Honeywell posters
- Keep posters simple, clear and informative
- Use photos that will attract attention
 No clip art
- Use large type and a minimum amount of copy – refer
people to other sources of information for details
- Avoid jargon and abbreviations
- Include only the most essential information to support the
ideas and messages being communicated
- Use approved company typefaces, design standards and
Keep Posters Simple, Easy To Read
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E-mail Guidelines
• E-mail signatures should be professional
- Avoid using graphic elements
- Honeywell logotype should not be used
- Do not use personal sayings, icons or quotations
- No effort should be made to emulate the Honeywell logo with
a similar font or presentation
- No effort should be made to recreate the Honeywell with red
bar or Honeywell with rule
Joe Ford
Manager of Production Line 17
Honeywell Aerospace
Office: (602) 555-1234
"Live Long and Prosper"
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E-mail Guidelines
• Example of e-mail signature
Nancy Ramm
Manager of Visual Arts Communications
Honeywell Aerospace
21111 N. 19th Avenue (M/S V17A5)
Phoenix AZ 85027
Phone - 602.436.2224
Cell - 602.321.0437
Fax - 602.436.1439
[email protected]
Name is bold,
one point size larger
than the rest of the
Arial font used
for custom signatures.
Choice of color is up to you.
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Business Cards
• Business Card Standards
- Business name on right side will be an SBG or SBU name
 Exception- Specialty Materials employees may use their SBE name
- Three lines of text will be allowed under employee’s name
 This area may be used for employee’s title, business unit, awards or
product line affiliation
- No logos are allowed except Standalone or Endorsed Brands
- Please use existing stock before reordering
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Business Cards (Branded)
• Branded Business Cards
- Honeywell logotype and rule must be in Honeywell Red
- Standalone or Endorsed Brand logo and all other type on the
card in black
- Employees supporting multiple Standalone or Endorsed
Brands may add additional logos on back of card
File Number
• Stationery Standards
- Logos are no longer permitted on standard stationery
- Only SBG and SBU names may be used
 Exception- Specialty Materials employees may use their SBE name
- Do not use electronic stationery templates
• Branded Stationery
- Letterhead - may include one Standalone Brand or Endorsed
Brand logo below the Honeywell logo (with red rule)
treatment and above the return address
 Single-brand letterhead will use the brand logo in its standard color,
with the exception of the Prestone logo, which will be reproduced in
 Multi-brand letterhead, with the brand logos at the bottom of the
sheet, may also be ordered, with the brand logos reproduced in black
Use Existing Stock Until Depleted
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Unified Web Strategy
• Web Standards
- The Unified Web Strategy (UWS) has defined templates for
external and internal web pages
- The Brand Management website links to the UWS
QuickPlace site
- New URL naming standards makes navigating easier
Contact Web Council For Details
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What Has Not Changed?
• What has not changed?
- Faxes
- Forms
- Media releases
- Signage (facility)
- Shipping and mailing
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Brand Ambassadors
• Honeywell’s powerful brand is one of the company’s
most valuable assets
• Building and protecting the brand by adhering to
our standards is everyone’s job
- We are the point of contact, the advocates for change and
the champions of our Honeywell brand
- We are the brand
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Additional Resources
• Brand Management Website
• Communication Leads
- Honeywell Aerospace - Bill Birtcil (602) 365-3859
- Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions - Dan Harrison (952) 656-1214
- Specialty Materials - Reid Walker (973) 455-5204
- Transportation Systems - Michael Timmermann (310) 791-9170
- Corporate - Michael Bennett (973) 455-2753
- Global Business Services - Michele Caselnova (973) 455-4047
• For information on the Unified Web Strategy (UWS)
email the corporate Web Council
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