Pegasus - newest

By Callie Grey, Kristen Boyle. and
Bryan Carter
Another spelling of
Pegasus is
Strength – can fly
Weakness – can
be captured and
The Birth of
Perseus killed the
monster, Medousa,
by beheading her.
The drops of blood
of Medousa mixed
with the white foam
of the sea and
Pegasus was born.
He leaped out of her
head, as a beautiful
white horse with
An interesting
myth about
Pegasus took place
on a mountain
named Helicon.
Here, Pegasus
opened up a
spring by striking
a rock with his
hoof and stopped
the mountain from
growing. The
spring was named
Another interesting myth
was Pegasus and
Under commands from
King Iobates, Bellerophon
was sent to kill the
Chimaera. This creature was
part goat, dragon, and lion
which breathed fire.
Bellerophon got advice to
attack from the air since the
creature could not fly. So he
prayed, and Athena gave
him a golden bridal which
he used to capture Pegasus.
Shooting his bow from
above, he killed the beast
It was believed that
Bellerophon was the
son of the god
Poseidon. Bellerophon
thought he was above
mortals and decided to
use Pegasus to fly to Mt.
Zeus, watching was not
happy and sent a
horsefly to bite Pegasus.
This caused the horse to
rear, knocking
Bellerophon to the
Pegasus continued on
flying to Mt. Olympus
and was welcomed by
He remained living
there and would carry
the thunderbolts down
to the Earth for Zeus.
For his assistance, Zeus honored Pegasus by placing
his constellation in the night sky. The constellation can
be viewed from late summer through fall.
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