Once upon a time there was a couple that
lived in a beautiful house. It had a window
with a fantastic view on the Fairies’ orchard.
The woman
was pregnant
of a beautiful
girl and she
desired a
little parsley.
Once she
noticed some
parsley in the
Fairies’ orchard
so she took a
silk ladder,
went down on it
and ate some
of it.
A few days later the fairies noticed that
some parsley was missing and thought
about a stratagem to see who was the
parsley thief.
The woman was discovered and she
apologized to the fairies. They accepted her
apologizing on condition that her name was
Prezzemolina and when she would be a
woman she would be given to the fairies. The
woman accepted.
Prezzemolina grew up and the fairies remind
the woman her promise.
One day the girl was kidnapped by the fairies
who asked her to clean a room and to paint it
with images of all the birds of the air otherwise
she would be eaten.
Memé, one of the fairies’ cousins, knocked
at the girl’s door, he had decided to help
the girl and, thanks to a magic wand, the
room was cleaned and painted with all the
When the fairies came back they were astonished
but they realized Memé had helped her.
What to do to eat the sweet Prezzemolina?
The perfidious women asked the girl to go to
Morgana the Fairy, to get the Bel-Giullare’s box.
On her
way the
girl met
who told
eat her.
Memé gave
two pots
some lard to
grease the
two sides of a
door in order
she could get
He also gave her a little bread to feed two
dogs, a string and a punch to be given to a
shoemaker and a brush to be given to a miller.
All this stuff would help her to get the box.
The fairies still wanted to eat Prezzemolina, but
again the Memé put a spell on them and made
them die.
The two young people got married and lived happy
and healthy.
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