Helping Verbs

Friday, Sept. 14, 2012
Helping and Linking Verb Review
Questioning Before, During and After Reading
Homework: Read for AR and finish Loch Ness
Passage and Questions if not done.
Helping Verbs
A Helping Verb helps the main verb express
action or show time. They are combined with
the main verbs to form verb phrases.
The bear has run away.
A few verbs can serve as either helping verbs
or main verbs.
The bear has a baby cub.
Common Helping Verbs
Forms of Be: be, is, am, are, was, were, been,
Forms of Have: has, have, had
Forms of Do: do, does, did
Others: could, should, would, may, might,
must, can, shall, will
Linking verbs join the noun or pronouns with
words that identify or describe them.
The most common linking verbs are forms of the verb
We were late to class.
I feel tired.
Some verbs may serve as action or linking verbs.
The rabbit appeared from the bush. (action)
It appeared frightened. (linking)
Helping and Linking Verb Game
We will practice identifying helping and linking
verbs within a sentence.
The following slides will have sentence that have
helping verbs, linking verbs or both.
Write on your white board the helping or linking
verbs in the sentence.
You may use your flip books to help you identify
the verbs used.
Rita is an artist
Grandma may know
the answer.
I am waiting for a
phone call.
The candidates seem
The fresh bread smelled
The train should arrive any
We remained partners for five
This new magazine looks
The inexperienced traveler felt
Dr. Young has examined our
Find the action verb
The kangaroos hop across the fields.
Find the action verb
I admire the big cats for their grace and power.
Find the action verb
The monkeys easily swing from one tree to
Find the action verb
The prairie dogs scurry in and out of their
holes in the ground.
Find the action verb
I wore a hat today.
Find the helping verb.
On the next few slides underline
the helping verb in the sentences
and circle the main verb in the
Find the helping verb
The secretary has ordered a new supply of
Find the helping verb
Elsa should have tried harder.
Find the helping verb
My little brother can be a real pest sometimes.
Find the helping verb
Perhaps Jake did really forget his boots.
Find the helping verb
Judson has taken a job at the supermarket.
Find the linking verb.
On the next few slides circle the
linking verb in the sentences and
underline the subject (noun or
pronoun) and the word that
describes the subject.
Find the linking verb
Some trees grow tall.
Find the linking verb
Mr. Davis was a farmer in the Midwest.
Find the linking verb
Panda bears are rare.
Find the linking verb
The snake’s skin feels rather smooth.
Find the linking verb
Their movements are rapid.
Using Questioning Before, During
and After Your Reading
We will go over the different types of
questioning that good readers use to help
improve their comprehension.
Some questions help readers pay attention
while they read. Not all questions will be
answered by the text and will lead the reader to
seek answers in another source. Other
questions will lead the reader to think more
deeply about issues presented in the text.
Loch Ness Monster
We will read the text and as we do we will stop
along the way to answer a few questions.