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Rhythm and Rhyme Schemes

…and the wonderful world of Limericks


• The pattern the words and syllables make • “The beat” • Made up of unstressed and stressed syllables • Unstressed syllables are marked with a small “u” and stressed syllables are marked with a “/”


• Also known as “feet” • One Iamb is one unstressed syllable and one stressed syllable • NOT ALL RHYTHMS USE IAMBS!!!


• Words that have similar ending sounds • Near rhymes usually have a similar vowel sound - orange & porridge

Rhyme Scheme

• The order in which the last word in each line of a stanza rhyme with other last words in each line of the stanza • Marked by lower-cased letters (same letter=rhyming words)


• Five-line poem • Humorous and usually crude • First published in Ireland in the 1840s • Rhythm: u//u//u// - u//u//u// - u//u/ - u//u/ u//u//u//


u/uu/uu/ - u/uu/uu/ - u/uu/ u/uu/ - u/uu/uu/ • Rhyme scheme: aabba

Hickory, Dikory, Dock

Hickory, dikory, dock The mouse ran up the clock The clock struck one The mouse ran down Hickory, dikory, dock

Example 2

There was an old man from Peru, u/uu/uu/ who dreamed he was eating his shoe.

u/uu/uu/ He awoke in the night u/uu/ with a terrible fright, u/uu/ and found out that it was quite true.


About A Certain Limerick Writer

A limerick writer of wonder u//u//u// Pens humor he brews from Down Under.

u//u//u// When he sends a zinger u//u// His joke seems to linger u//u// Exploding like lightening and thunder.