Martin De Leon

Martin De Leon
Texas Empresario
By: Dominick, Daniela, and Hector
Mrs. Gabehart’s 4th Grade Bilingual Class
De Leon Family
Martin De Leon
De Leon was an empresario
 He brought Mexican families to settle in
 He was born in a wealthy family
 His family moved from Spain to Mexico
 De Leon went to Texas in 1805 for the first
time. He decided that was where he
wanted to live
Martin De Leon
Martin De Leon was a
man of firsts
He was the first Mexican
empresario to found a
colony in Texas
He brought several
families to settle there
The 41 Mexican Families
De Leon’s Colony
He wanted to settle a Texas colony on the
Guadalupe River.
De Leon was known as Capitan Vacas Muchas
And the beginnings of the Texas ranching
The Cattle
De Leon’s House
Drawings by Hector and Dominick
 Writer: Daniela
 Help from google