Advertisement analysis

Advertisement analysis
Nespresso. What else?
Andrea Furlan
16 th December 2012
The TV ad
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A brief summary
Product: Nespresso coffee capsules
Producer: Nestlé Group, Switzerland
Media: TV, newspapers, …
Main testimonials: George Clooney, John
• Slogan: Nespresso. What else?
Analysis of the ad
• Location in an unknown busy city → it
could be everywhere in the world → one
ad fits the whole world (⇒ less expense in
advertisement campaign) and the
spectator identifies the town as his own
(⇒ Nespresso is always near you)
• The Nespresso store together with its logo
is immediately visible at the beginning → it
impresses in the watcher’s mind
• Contrast between the
cold, rainy, congested
road and the calm, hot
store → Nespresso is a
break from the busy,
stressing life
• Rainy day and the shutter
is being closed; when
Clooney approaches, he
is nonetheless let in →
Nespresso “takes care” of
the customer
• The shop assistants
immediately associate the
person with his/her coffee
→ everyone can find his
ideal coffee in Nespresso
vast choice
• Slow motion on the drop
falling in the coffee
→ a close-up of the good
organoleptic properties
→ our brain unconsciously
recalls the aroma and smell
of coffee, thus reinforcing the
• At the beginning the
watcher believes George
Clooney has been let in
because of his importance
(“just because you are Mr.
• When an apparently
common woman enters the
shop, she is treated in the
same way → everyone is
important when it is time for
• Clooney’s disappointment
generates satisfaction in the
watcher → it makes us feel
important and it inflates our
• Uncommon use of the testimonial → generally,
the testimonial is a Vip who “testifies” to use a
product (it generates sense of emulation) → in
Nespresso ad, Clooney is put on the same level
as a common woman → it is a stronger
message: George Clooney is no better than
you if you drink Nespresso
The slogan
• “Nespresso. What else?” → the slogan is
at the end of the ad → the use of the full
stop instead of the colon suggests a firm
decision → Nespresso is the only sane
choice for coffee
• The font reminds of the Nespresso logo
Music and colours
• The musical theme is the one typically used for
Nespresso ads → the spectator immediately
recognizes the product → it begins after Clooney
enters the shop → it reinforces the separation
between outer world and the Nespresso shop
• Light but not vivid colours → the coffee break is
a pause where you want to feel relaxed → vivid
colours would negatively activate the watcher’s
concentration, thus spoiling the sense of
• No translation for the Italian version of the
ad → there are only subtitles → the use of
English makes Clooney’s speech more
realistic and it invites the reader to watch
the ad at least twice (one time to watch the
scene, another time to follow the