2. On what aspect of life does the wanderer reflect?

The Wanderer
Guided Reading Questions
1. How does the kenning "gold-lord" help you understand the wanderer's goal?
2. On what aspect of life does the wanderer reflect?
3. How are caesuras indicated on the page?
The Wanderer
Review and Assess
#3 Why does the wanderer go into exile? What image does the poet use to convey his
isolation and despair?
#4 What are "the fates of men" on which the wanderer reflects? Why might the
wanderer's own experiences have led him to such brooding thoughts?
#5 According to the poem, how might reflection on "the fates of men" lead to
The Seafarer & The Wanderer
Together with a partner:
·Find two examples of kennings in the poems and explain the meanings of each. How do
these kennings add to the enjoyment of the poem?
·Find four uses of alliteration in lines 80-83 of "The Wanderer." Explain how each
reinforces the meaning.
·What makes each of these poems an elegy? Which one do you find the most moving?
Be prepared to share your findings.
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