Shakespeare`s influence on the English language

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 Nouns into verbs.
 Huge inflow of European vocabulary into English
vocab due to renaissance cross- pollination.
 Allowed endless possibilities for Shakespeare.
 Able to exploit multiple meanings of one word.
Old English
•“Thou” is addressing one
•“ye” is addressing more
than one
•“you” was used as a
 Inflectional endings which suffixes the indicated the
words grammatical functions in the way that many
modern languages still have had disappeared
 “you” – used by people of lower class
 You is also a formal way for upper class
 “Thou” and “thee” were by higher class
 Used “thou” and “thee” to talk to:
 Lower classes
 Addressing god
 And when talking about supernatural beings
 “thou” expressed intimacy
 “thou” can also express anger
 “you” expressed formality, politeness, and distance
 This is all similar to modern English
 Still changing and developing
 we now use “you” as both singular and plural forms
 Shakespeare was a leading figure
 Renaissance explosion made it wonderfully flexible
“Shakespeare's” development of middle english to early
modern english.”
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