Terentius Nero and His Wife Size

Terentius Nero and
His Wife
• Size: 65cm high, 58cm
• Date: 62-79 AD
• Style: Fourth Style
• From a house
attributed to Pacuvius
Proculus (House VII.2.6)
• The house belonged to
Terentius Nero, a lawyer
and Terentius Proculus,
a baker.
• Realistic
• Why the stylus and the tablet? Is the woman a writer?
• What might the scroll be?
• Explain why these objects may be termed as “artistic conventions”.
• In what way is this a realistic depiction?
• How is the background rendered?
• How is the illusions of depth created? Give TWO examples.
• How do we know it is Terentius Nero and his wife?
• From which direction is the light coming in the portrait? Give ONE
piece of evidence for your answer.
• Explain how the artist has used colour to suggest a difference between
lifestyles of the man and woman
• Explain why the portrait of the man is realistic rather that idealistic.
Support your answer with TWO examples from the portrait.
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