Similarities and Differences between the Real

The Real Caesar vs.
Syannah Dozier
Similarities and Differences
between the Real Julius Caesar
By: Sy’annah Dozier
and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
The Real Caesar
Not yet confirmed, Gaius Julius Caesar's birthday is
thought to be about two or three days before the ides
of July in 100 BCE.
Caesar's father died when he was sixteen, and two
years later at the age of eighteen, he married
Cornelia, the daughter of a noble and had their only
legitimate child, Julia.
Shakespeare’s Caesar
It is clear that Shakespeare based his play almost
exclusively on Plutarch’s narrative of Roman
He then translated into English by Thomas North in
The text was popular and Shakespeare certainly had
access to it.
Their Similarities
Caesar dies on the Ides of March both in the play
and in real life, but it is not confirmed whether he
was actually warned beforehand about his death by a
soothsayer as in the play.
Their differences
In the play, this is in Act 1 Scene 2. Antony offers
Caesar the crown thrice, and Caesar refused.
In Caesar's actual history, Antony offers him a
diadem, ((the symbol of the Hellenistic monarchs))
but Caesar refuses, saying the only King of the
Romans is Jupiter.