Bell Work Tuesday 10/14

Bell Work
Tuesday 10/14
Look in your book beginning on page 301
to find the answers
• 1.) What city did Justinian fortify as his capital
• 2.) What were the four aspects of the Justinian
Code? (Just the names not the descriptions)
• 3.) What was the crowning glory of Justinian’s
Learning Targets
Chapter 11: Byzantines, Russians and
Turks Interact
• Learning Objective 3: Task 1
– To learn this I will be able to… demonstrate
my ability to read and record answers to
guided questions that require examination of
the additional supporting
resources/information located within
Chapter 11 through completing a Guided
Tour activity
Byzantines, Russians, and Turks
Chapter 11
Section 1-The Byzantine Empire
Part 1
A New Rome in a New Setting
• Justinian- Byzantine
nobleman who took the
Eastern Empire’s throne in
• Belisarius (Justinian’s best
general) captured Rome in
– Over the next 16 years Rome
would change hands 6 times
The Byzantine Empire
• Byzantine emperors ruled w/ absolute power
and were the head of the church
• Byzantine emperors had a dangerous job
– 88 total emperors
• 29 died violent deaths
• 13 ran away
Life in the New Rome
• Justinian Code-Single uniform code of laws
designed to rule the Byzantine Empire
– Contained the Code, Digest, Institutes, and
• The Code-Contained 5,000 Roman laws
• The Digest- 50 volume collection of ideas from
the greatest Roman legal minds in their history
• The Institutes-Textbook on how to use the laws
• The Novellae (New Laws)-Laws passed after
534 A.D.
Life in the New Rome
• Creating an Imperial
– Justinian rebuilt
• Hagia Sophia
– Meaning “Holy Wisdom” ,
became the most splendid
church in the Christian
Life in the New Rome
• Other Justinian building
– Baths
– Aqueducts
– Law courts
– Schools
– Hospitals
Life in the New Rome
• Preservation of GrecoRoman culture– Students learned Greek
and Latin grammar and
– Students also
• Memorized Homer
• Learned geometry and
Bell Work
Wednesday 10/15
Look in your book beginning on page 301
to find the answers
• 1.) What were some of Justinian’s major
building projects?
• 2.) What was the purpose of the Nika
• 3.) What were some of the political
responsibilities of Empress Theodora?
Learning Targets
Chapter 11: Byzantines, Russians and
Turks Interact
• Learning Objective 1: Task 1
(10/14 and 10/15)
– To learn this I will be able to… discuss the
key terms and important concepts associated
with Justinian and the growth of the
Byzantine Empire through the creation of
guided notes and the completion of a
Justinian Code “Flip Book” Activity
Life in the New Rome
• Hippodrome-Massive
stadium that held
60,000 spectators and
offered free chariot
races and
– The site of the Nika
Life in the New Rome
• Nika Rebellion-532 A.D. Two
groups of angry protestors
sparked city wide riots shouting
“Nika” (meaning “Victory”)
while also calling for the
overthrow of Justinian and his
– Justinian sent in his troops and
slaughtered all 30,000 protestors
inside of the Hippodrome
Life in the New Rome
• Empress Theodora– Married Justinian in 525 A.D.
– Former burlesque dancer
– Most powerful woman in Byzantine history
– Political Responsibilities•
Met foreign envoys
Passed laws
Wrote to foreign leaders
Built Churches
The Empire Falls
• The Plague of Justinian542 A.D. The bubonic
plague swept through
Constantinople killing
nearly 10,000 people a
– Its believed that the
plague came from India
on the backs of rats
The Empire Falls
• Attacks from East and
– Byzantium faced constant
• In order to keep their
enemies at bay the
Byzantines used:
Political marriages
Military power
The Church Divides
• Eastern Orthodox Christianity
– Patriarch-Leading bishop of the church
• Still under the authority of the emperor
– Icons-Religious images used in the Orthodox faith
• Roman Catholicism– Pope-Head of the Catholic church
• Answers to God alone
– Excommunication• Means you exiled or are outcast
from the church
The Church Divides
• Cyrillic Alphabet– Since many of the
people spoke Slavic
languages or Russian
an alphabet was
created in which the
Slavic people could
read the Christian
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